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    Tile and grout cleaning

    There were few discussions about purpose of 4 jet tile&grout wand. I used to love my Prochem 1 jet wand, jet was blasting grime from the corners, no agitation needed. 4 jet wand , in my opinion is useful in household setting, for light to medium soiled tiles, where agitation has been used...
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    Does wand size matter?

    Nice, Rob's thread went straight to .... I've always had and liked diferent styles of wands having on truck. . By size, @rob allen you mean width, height , tube diameter and number of jets? 14" wand can have 4 jets, 13.5" might sport 6 jets. I prefer 62" tall with a 2" tube and six jets...
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    Ways to increase job ticket averages for 2021...

    I'm getting my customers ( with bad pets accidents) organically, mostly trough the word of mouth ,reviews, blogs, submission forms, etc. My price per room is around $150. What steps should I take to increase my ticket price? You got to be kidding me! I know you that you mean well with your...
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    I am so stoked to be all set up!

    Welcome to world of not running and worrying about dispatch.... Now you don't have to use one line of chemistry, you can go all over the place. One thing though, don't tell your future customers about history with SS.( JK) Van looks very presentable, lettering is nice, Titan greaat. I guess...
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    360i, Reels, Hoses, Etc, Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Just convert it to sarcasm and that's your answer. I'll PM you.
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    How much has your truckmount made you?

    Yes, but there is only one @Bob Savage
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    4/1 Hydroforce is much better than 8/1

    National company you're talking about is still on same product-Ultrapac, same process, perhaps less moving, padding & blocking, in& out deal. I value Ultrapac a lot , it's heavy, creamy, alkaline and potent .I love the company as well . Them and the other one with similar process are giving...
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    if you can stand one more virus thread....

    Where are we standing on the virus issue today? The numbers are lot higher compare to April , more daily cases, more deaths , but what changed , public perception and we all used to it( kind of) Yes, we're hearing about horrible stories about young lives being lost, about overall consequences...
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    What would you do

    For steamier side of business " Splash &dash"
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    C-19 Vax-Are you getting it? Good for marketing?

    Yep, Black sea and Slancev bryag. Don't get mixed up, if you reap socialist benefits, you have to adhere to socialist party rules. You might say otherwise, but universal health care system is just that. But what am I talking about, we have enoug troubles with our own healthcare system...
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    Pro’s & Cons starting carpet cleaning business

    As always, we're trying to swing numbers around for no reason ( and I'm still convinced that many ( a lot) of the carpet cleaners in my area are broke) PROS: Having steady, whole year around income with plenty time left for hobbies feeling secure and being able to plan short and long term...
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    Be smarter than the dirt

    I do remember this one and without the doubt I've expected trouble going forward. First of all, without sufficient power ( I know that you're determined and knowledgeable ) that kind of project can became a nightmare. I had similar scenario with a " soul food" buffet style restaurant. I...
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    Let’s talk LVT & LVP

    Yes, you're right, but there will be many arguing that!!! And yet, I'll have soon enough water extraction job in the basement, where there would be underlayment without moisture barrier ( not that it would matter if there is 4" of water present)
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    Let’s talk LVT & LVP

    I like e my dungeon with 8' high ceiling ( can go to 9.5' for an industrial look) . Tiles had been there for a while, still can't find efflorescence. I wouldn't change it now. Workmanship is remarkable. Pattern makes it is non - dungeon-y, grout is intact, looks like tiles were installed...