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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Been there. Lost my father the day after our wedding. He lived to see all his sons get married. He had a 6 1/2 year battle with prostate cancer. He made himself a guinea pig for an experimental treatment. He said he wanted to do it so that they might be able to develop better treatments so that...
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    Worx sprayer mods?

    How long have you been using it?
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    Should we bring back the IPS Sprayer with the newer V8?

    Do a lot of testing. Abuse it and see if it holds up. That thing lasted me less than two months. Then tell us how much you used it and if there are any problems with it. This product made me question any endorsements of products since it was such a dog in my opinion.
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    Worx sprayer mods?

    Time saver if you ask me.
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    Worx sprayer mods?

    This looks like a beast of a sprayer. Petra Sprayer 12 Gallon
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    Worx sprayer mods?

    great for a little while. The base of mine fell off. The screws came out of the plastic. The pump quit. The thing lasted about 4 months.
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    I am in the wrong business!!!

    This "Art" sold for $120,000 dollars! Actually, there were two similar pieces of "Art" that sold for this price. The third piece of art was unable to be sold as another artist removed said "Artwork" and ate it. I think it proves P.T. Barnum correct when he said that there was a sucker born every...
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    Water Damaged Tiles - any way to fix it?

    Looks like efflorescence to me. Just my two cents worth.
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    If you don't have dye, use tea!

    I was called about a sisal rug that the customer thought had drywall dust on it. It had been cleaned by another company but looked worse after they cleaned it. I attempted to clean the rug in the poorly lit room it was in. The light area remained and looked like drywall dust that had possibly...
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    Appraising Existing Company

    Think of this. You are buying a business that needs a serious turnaround. It has lost one half of its revenue in fairly recent times. The industry average says as a whole a carpet cleaner loses 1/3 of its customers each year so you have to constantly be adding, not losing, customers. This...
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    VCT refinish, how to remove impurities from the air?

    Yep, go into a hair salon and try speeding up the drying process with fans...:rage::rage::rage: Go ahead......Ask me how I know that one!
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    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM!

    What is that gibberish? It is not even a grammatically correct sentence nor is it punctuated. So, take your best practices to someplace that cares.
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    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM! Noise only applies to vehicles using sound amplification equipment. Your equipment has noise cancelling equipment (silencer(s)) on the blower. Tell the cop to show you the code you are...
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    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM!

    What city were you in? I will look up the municipal code and then next time the police show up just have a copy of the law. Show it to them and tell them they can come and check after 10:00 P.M. to see if you are still there. Just because he has a badge, gun and handcuffs doesn't mean a cop...
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    Goodbye Prochem, forever...

    LOL Yep, I did 52 takes on a segment of a sales training video and never got it right. If I remembered my lines my coactor forgot hers. If we both managed to get our lines right the stupid mixer I was "selling" to her would malfunction. Finally, I asked them if we could use a different prop but...