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    Easy money

    Ok, I'll be the first to bite. What exactly are we viewing and why was it easy money? How did you get the job and what kind of equipment did you use to do the job? Thanks.
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    Richard, your site looks nice now. Clean, professional. One little thing you can do that could enhance your conversion rates is to make the phone number in the header clickable. Your webmaster should be able to do that quickly because it's usually a quick fix.
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    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    Pardon for my newbie questions, but when the claim is it cleans xx% faster, does that mean it spins that much faster or is able to cover much more territory? couldn't you do that with any machine, just pull/push or go side to side faster? Tks.
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    Are all CRBs created equal?

    I've been noticing a wide variation on pricing for new CRBs on the market for the same sized machine. For example, I've seen 17" models from $1997 to +$3300. Is the pricier model that much better? Does one scrub the carpet that much more? I can see a $100-200 variation one way or another, but...
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    Adding on a urine job?

    Yes, I was wondering about this myself. Do you charge per spot or should it already be built into the price for the cleaning.
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    New Business Startup?

    First, thanks for all the replies. There is just a lot of sound business wisdom on this board. Just to update. A day after I first posted this, I got notice that my last day at the place I worked at would be Friday (yesterday)! I was the only one laid off and it was due to restructuring of a...
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    Online Advertising, Just saying......

    Someone bumped this thread so I'll chime in. Is there any reason at all you couldn't have more than 1 web property on that coveted first page and crowd out the directories?
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    New Business Startup?

    All right, let see if I can answer these. I am pretty far from retirement. I don't see it happening in the next 8-10 years. I've entertained the idea of doing it part time, get it built up and quitting the day job when I can't do both. Scott, great solid advice about a partnership. I'm...
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    New Business Startup?

    This is the 3rd time to write this. The first never got posted for some reason, and the second got lost in a brief power outage (with no Uninterrupted Power Supply). So I'm saving early, saving often with this post. I'm considering starting a CC business. I'm 54, work full time as a tech writer...
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    Starting a weight off today... I am tired of being overweight!!

    I'm kinda in that mode too, except I try not to eat anything after my supper meal at about 6. Lost 6.5 pounds in about 40 days from only doing that. Not earth shattering or anything. I was eating snacks at 11 or 12 at night, snacks being entire ham sandwiches and bowls of ice cream. You know...
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    Starting a weight off today... I am tired of being overweight!!

    Vacuum your tummy? What does that mean exactly?
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    Possible Business Startup

    I've been in and out of this forum the past couple of weeks, reading, researching, studying. I am 54, and have a full time job that pays well (70+K) but it's work-at-home as a tech writer and very unfulfilling (gov work). It's cushy and I don't get out much at all. :) About 3 years ago I...