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  • Hey Lisa. Back in march you posted an article about shag rugs. Do you still have it by any chance?
    do you currently instruct any rug cleaning courses? If yes can you post class schedule or link? If not who do you recommend?

    Marc - there are too many variables to get "rugs" into a DVD like you can with carpet. But I have hundreds of posts over on that give you tactical help on specific problems. Some of my students have them printed out for reference, and to show clients to explain certain situations. I'll post here when my workshop calendar is up... in this field especially, you need to get the hands-on training - you can become a specialist through a book or video. You can understand better virtually...but you can't DO it better, you need to experience it. That's what this industry needs is a trade school. Thank you though very much! - Lisa
    Hello Lisa,
    Just wondering if you have a video on your extensive knowledge of rug cleaning. I've followed some of your posts but wish I had a video similar to Rob's video on carpet cleaning. If you don't have one let's make one :)

    Thanks Marc
    Hawkeye Carpet Care, est.1987
    I owe you an apology for the comment "only here to stir the pot". Seeing how dedicated you are to helping people and your passion for this biz. I was wrong. So sorry!! You remind me of Ed Valentine.
    Months ago I also Asked this alex to be a man and show his profile to no avail. Hes hiding for some reason or another.
    Lisa a few more questions about rug cleaning.
    1. can you give me a kind of a step by step process to geting into rug cleaing... exmaple
    step 1 take a class.
    step 2 build a make wash pit
    so forth

    also lisa do you have to have all the equipment, or can you make a wash pit out of pvc and plastic turp.... vaccum cleaner.... and air moverss. ?

    do you know of a easy way to move a rug. for one perseon?

    does it take years of knowledge before you can start to clean them?
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