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    New business cards

    These business cards look cool.... As business cards attract clients to your business and as these are itself magnetic cards then they will attract more fastly :)
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    "ORGANIC" SEO is dying... brace yourself

    Organic SEO changed a bit. Google timely changes his algorithm to make things more worse for SEO service providers but each of them pave a way to come out of it.
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    Who Does E-Mail Marketing?

    I am curious to know that from where you get email list of potential customers because on subscription basis it's hard to get them on board.
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    Started walking... Does adding weights do anything?

    It depends on what way you are applying to loose weight. If you are looking for short term plan then implement hard diet plan and exercise regularly. Running is the best way to loose weight efficiently.
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    Commercial building pricing

    The prices are fine but later it depends customer to customer basis. If he is good then if you will ask for $5 per pane then he will give it to you otherwise he will argue in $3 also. So talk to him about your quotation.