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  • Hi There,
    I was doing some research on here for some new ideas on a new flyer that I want to mail out through EDDM.

    I saw your pink flyer thread and I wasn't able to download it.

    How did that one perform for you?

    Any flyers that you are having success with through direct mail or eddm?

    There's a new version of the EDDM by Joe Polish. I say new it's about 18 months old. I've not tried it, but it has had some good reports.email me and I'll send you the file. [email protected]

    I found Fawlty Towers on amazon prime and my wife and i have been watching it every night. Its a crazy show but really funny how they bring it all together. Good suggestion! Thanks!

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    Mike, my name is Greg and I am in the process of potentially buying a chemdry company here in CA. This is one of the oldest Franchises out here, over 30years. I was told to contact you first as you were in the business for a while and would have some good information on the matter for me and I would love to hear them. Thanks,
    I've been reading a portion of your posts from the beginning and I can offer my service technicians assistance if you have not resolved your issue. We sell quite a number of M12's and alike. My service tech is more than happy to help out.

    Feel free to call him at 315-433-9031 and ask for Dallas. We're located in Central NY (EST) with service hours from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    yeah had a good luck around couldn't see any loose wires. Got me worried now incase they have sold me a used one.
    Did you take a look at the wiring on the M12? I hope Mytee or the Woodbridge can get you lined up.
    Did you know that opportunities are never lost? That's because someone will always take the ones you missed.
    Yes thought you were enjoying yourself. Frightening some of them guys can freely carry guns. Did you sort your Titan out? Did I mention simon gerrard in Wigan runs a Titan and seems to have sussed out the teething problems. Might be worth a call, very helpful knowledgeable guy.Think he bought some diagnostic software. http://www.gerrardscarpetcleaners.co.uk/

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