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  • Rotovac on stairs? I noticed that you posted that you use a rotovac on the stairs. I too use the 7" stair head but is it me or is it just hard sometimes. I have to angle it just right and it gets tiring. It still does a great job, but boy is it hard sometimes. Any tips?

    Hi Wes!!

    Thank you so much for the pics you have a monster !, do you have any of the auto fill / dump inside the tanks or canyou tell me what kind of pumps should I use? thanks man, thank you for taking the time of helping me out, thats what I like about this site everybody helps everybody, well almost.
    Hey Luis,

    I just sent you an email with several pics, just let me know if they don't go through.

    Thanks, Wes
    thank you I'll look into that one. what is the problem with chem-tex? cheap parts?
    Go with this Truckmount you will be happy. They are very easy to work on... http://tcsatl.com/warrior.html
    Includes everything and its more than an entry level machine. Heat exchangers break and run out of heat. I have 1 of these and 1 of the larger chief models they never break down. Amtex are good to. But they have all the shiny paint and glitz but break down. The TCS doesnt look the best but they are. Looks aree not everything.
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