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    Honestly thinking of buying a Rotobrush

    OK let me start by saying i do believe in the push pull method and i do own and use a negative air machine. the hypervac which i love and use on all jobs that have a basement but on crawspace and on attic jobs i can't help but believe that a rotobrush or a machine smilular would be helpful Yes...
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    Mold in duct work remove the duct work -any disagreements?

    should't duct work be replaced if mold is found in them. do you really feel confident in removing the mold in a duct work ? John
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    Choosing Negative air machine

    I own the Hypervac hybrid negative air 3000cfm if i buy another one i will look at the 5000 cfm. one thing i liked about the hypervac was the easy of getting the machine in and out of a house. Hypervac has a very good website and youtube ch that really sold me.
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    Solo or team ?

    what do you mean pulll the plug, retire ?
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    Solo or team ?

    Do you ever did attics ?
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    Solo or team ?

    Thank you!
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    wanted used hypervac hybrid vacuum

    I may sell mine Revolution HYBRID 120 Volt PRO model
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    Solo or team ?

    So can you did it solo or is it a 2 man job?
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    How long will a Machine and Van last ? forever ?

    How long will a Machine any machine but mine is a prochem peak with 3000 hours and a Van with 165000 miles last ? i know its kind of a guess but consider its maintenance when its is supposed to and very well taking care of. for the last few years I've been dying to buy a new van and a new...
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    What's longest you'll wait for your client

    How long will you wait for your client? It's a little more understanding if they call you or you call them and they say sorry I'm running late but what if you call them and they don't even answer
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    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    Thanks Scott great idea and if i was paid to do all that i would post bonnets but when they are looking for a great price i just don't want to give up my time. I would love to post bonnet most jobs
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    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    Not sure i will be dong this job again, I have gotten to a place in my life that i try not to over think things, he is a good guy but he like i said he dint tell me this until yesterday and i did the job back last June. He also wants a deal but the job can't be done until 6 pm so just me i don't...