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  • Wut up Floorguy. How's it going? Is Business good? I'm working on getting more clients. Same O Same O Nuther day Nuther Dollar... lol Take care
    Ya, as a matter of fact I did one today. I have my 175 and also bought a OP machine too. There is definitely a time and place for it...
    Hey floorguy i notice a couple of your post starting encap with a 175. Hows it going, have you done anymore jobs with it? I just bought my first 175 and starting to encap. I have more commercial biz that residential...
    Good....still trying to make the conversion to full time LOL!! I just need to jump both feet in and have to be forced to make it I guess?

    How is the Recoil treating you? I have been through a couple of porties, and am now back to looking for a new one!
    Sorry Floor guy disregard last message, he just called he said he would buy but we'll see. Ill let you know
    You have to open another window and click "my gallery" and then follow the directions. It will pretty much lead you the rest of the way.
    Hi floor guy How do I add pictures in a album? Man I shure like your vans....Sonny
    A spitfire? I would not pay any more than $4k for one whether it's a 3.2 or a 4.0. I would look closer to $2-$3k range. Look around, they are out there.
    hi there,
    seen that you said you have a spitefire.just wondering are hey pretty good machines?
    Hi EEE; Just wanted to drop you a pm concerning apartment cleaning; Look into Pinnacle Providers. One of the largest property management firms in the world. They use a service to verify insurance and all of your background stuff. Cost $95 to register with them; but they are great to do business with. I know it sounds like a lot of money; but it has more than paid off for the fee. We do huge invoices for them and I mean huge into the 10k plus range; 45 days later we get a check.
    RC, my little giant heater is the 2ht and it is the best thing anyone can add to their porty IMO. For a portable I think it's perfect, if it was for a TM I would get the 3ht.
    Where in the world is salad bowl?? I'm here in Cali also and I want to know where that is.
    peace what is the size of Your litlle giant ? It works great? I have a 2t i start to think that is to small , what You think? Tank You.
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