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    Sometimes you have to walk

    Sorry for your loss.
  2. LeeRoy

    MDF BaseBoard damage

    Thank you for that advise.
  3. LeeRoy

    MDF BaseBoard damage

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Can someone here give me the most efficient way to put down solution to avoid this? I'm thinking flat mop may be the way to go. That's guys.
  4. LeeRoy

    All this mask crap is just like

    I always think BLM= Bureau of Land Management. Where a person can camp for free for a certain time limit.
  5. LeeRoy

    Urine Soak Solution?

    I picked one up yesterday from Lowe's!! Same question to you Mike, how much acid rinse per gallon of water for urine treatment? Thanks
  6. LeeRoy

    Urine Soak Solution?

    Todd, if I'm using a two gallon pump up sprayer how much acid rinse per gallon? Thanks
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    99 gmc savanna won’t start when hot

    Fuel pump?
  8. LeeRoy

    Sebo duo.

    Do most vacuum stores sell the sebo duo? I wouldn't mind picking one up.
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Thoughts and Prayers to you and your entire family Rob, especially your mother.
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    My little giant was on fire today

    Glad to hear you located the issue and it wasn't a costly fix.
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    Jaguar Cub like new for sale

  12. LeeRoy

    My little giant was on fire today

    I'd probably offer the neighbor a free house cleaning.
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    Leave if you want

    Mary Ann in my books!! Hubba hubba. [emoji23]
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    The Millionaires Club

    Ray's Pizza, 59th Ave and Greenway!
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    Portable vs Truckmount ticket averages

    I wonder how Ross "the eyeball" is doing these days.