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    For Sale 2013 Sapphire Scientific trailer package

    I thought I remember seeing that set up for sale a couple years ago, just congratulating you on the sale. May have been a similar set up.. Congrats!
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    For Sale 2013 Sapphire Scientific trailer package

    Congratulations on selling. I thought that looked familiar. What's it been, 2 years?
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    New engine

    I was going to say "YouTube." Not hard, use a straight edge and make sure every both side and top of coupler are aligned. No reason you can't do that yourself. You got this.
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    Carpet Cleaning Alexandria

    You forgot your phone number and days of operation.
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    House Call Pro Website Builder? Any Good?

    It's a scam Robert.
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    What do you charge for office chairs?

    What are you talking about?????
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    Who should I hire to clean my new carpet

    What State do you live in? And are you a back or side sleeper. If you give us more details we could take the time and provide the answers you need.
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    All kinds of Jewelry Cleaning Machine & Tips

    Seriously, this is becoming a joke around here.
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    I'm saddened by hearing your Mother passed. Many, many thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family.