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    Carpet Cleaning Alexandria

    You forgot your phone number and days of operation.
  2. LeeRoy

    House Call Pro Website Builder? Any Good?

    It's a scam Robert.
  3. LeeRoy

    What do you charge for office chairs?

    What are you talking about?????
  4. LeeRoy

    Who should I hire to clean my new carpet

    What State do you live in? And are you a back or side sleeper. If you give us more details we could take the time and provide the answers you need.
  5. LeeRoy

    All kinds of Jewelry Cleaning Machine & Tips

    Seriously, this is becoming a joke around here.
  6. LeeRoy

    Today is an extremely sad day

    I'm saddened by hearing your Mother passed. Many, many thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family.
  7. LeeRoy

    E-10 or E15 Ethanol might be bad for your truck mount engine.

    I thought most gasoline contains some amount of ethanol. Does anyone use a specific brand they'd like to share?
  8. LeeRoy

    Buying equipment out west

    Reach out to Todd the Cleaner. He's in Nevada and a very very good guy. You could send him a PM and I'm sure he'd reach out.
  9. LeeRoy

    Buying equipment out west

    What state?