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    How much did it cost you start your carpet cleaning business?

    88k is what it cost me to do my first job. Only financed the vehicle. I did put a decent down payment on it.
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    certainly the last few months have been interesting to say the least, but

    My grandfather had dementia in his final year or so. Looking at Joe I have no doubt he has a similar condition. Clear as day.
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    Need help finding hose adapters

    Any chance you can post a link to the product?
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    Need help finding hose adapters

    I can't seem to find a 2" hose to a 2 1/2" inlet adapter online. I want to run 4" to the door (filter box) on my longer runs and I don't see them available at multiple suppliers.My 570 has a 2" and a 2 1/2 inlet and my filter box is the same. I am using the quick connects on my hose but don't...
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    I use HCP and send them the invoice via text or email. Had my best tip day yet today. I have it set to the less aggressive mode. It is an option to add tip in the payment screen. I believe I can set it so that when they click next after entering their payment info it goes to a tip screen.
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    Will you be wearing PPE while carpet cleaning rest of the year?

    I wore a mask for 1 job b/c customer insisted when they booked. I was at my brothers laughing with him about me wearing a mask I don’t have and told him I was gonna cancel unless he had a mask for me. He laughed as he handed me a new n95 mask. I couldn’t believe he had one. He bought a 10 pack a...
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    Adding a pump out

    I have an inverter connected to my 570 to power my RO/DI unit. It takes much less power than a pumpout. I have a battery isolator as well so when I start the van it charges the 570 battery. It has a button on it that when pushed will connect both batteries. I can jump start my van from the 570...
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    Ford transit 250 2017+ Hydramaster Boxxer 318 HP Truckmount for sale

    You say 0 hours on the Boxxer? Surely it was tested after install? How much are you asking for all of it?
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    Don't let down time take you down

    It is relatively busy in my area. (North Dallas) Yes lots of biz are closed but some of the places that are open are busy. It feels as if people are getting tired of this and going out anyways. I was in my local Jersey Mikes the other day and there was a lot of people waiting for their orders. I...
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    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    The only time I use high on my Apex 570 is when cleaning tile. Otherwise it’s just too hot. It does cool down quickly when cleaning tile. To keep it hot (above 200) I probably need to spend as much time off the trigger as I do on the trigger. 1 min on 1 min off. I notice a difference in cleaning...
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    Engine Glowing Red

    Not the best photo but here is my manifold after 1 hr full throttle tile cleaning. It’s a new SS570 with 88 hrs on it.
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    Reminder Card revelation!

    I use HouseCall Pro also. Every customer get a thank you card within a few days and a 1 year reminder at 11 months. Love the automation.
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    New Project

    Takes the fun out of the project and barely any more money but...