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    Advertising with golf coruses

    I get those calls too... I don’t think it’s a good fit for me. Most of my customers who call are woman. When I play golf, I nobody is paying any attention to the back of a bench out there on the course.
  2. Lars

    Drop Down Ceiling cleaning

    Maybe just flip the ceiling tiles upside down... other side probably looks way better. Those things will just crumble apart when they start getting wet.
  3. Lars

    How many clients asked you wear mask?

    Out here in Los Angeles Area, we wear masks and gloves and shoes covers on every job. Everyone asks/confirms/expects it while booking appointments. you can’t go anywhere out here with out a mask.
  4. Lars


    Step decline in business, thinking of maybe having to shut it down for a week or two. Need to analyze risk vs reward
  5. Lars

    Fox TM 9500 and supplies for sale

    Nice machine! I will send this info to a friend I know who has fox machines
  6. Lars

    What length solution hoses do you run?

    100’ leader hose is nice. Reduce your risk of leaky QD’s inside the house and melting floor finishes. Then run 50’ sections after that
  7. Lars

    Need help with basic steps

    TMF products are really good. Rob and everyone here is really helpful. Plus you can look up lots of good content from other discussions in the past
  8. Lars

    Magic Jack

    I used it when it first came out years ago as a cheap alternative for a free recorded message marketing technique. I don’t remember getting many calls on it and just ended up unplugging
  9. Lars

    Odd stains, any ideas?

    At 1st glance it looked like a pet pathway. Some dogs/cats drag their legs on the bull nose of the steps, but then the other pictures showed something much worse then that. That is so weird Todd! it is right where the hoses would lay on the carpet. It does look like the color of seem...
  10. Lars

    Google Local Services is terri... Good.

    This is great thank you, I have been wanting to check this out. Is this the google guarantee program?
  11. Lars

    Urine Odor/Stain Removal Kit

    Love the TMF USOR! So easy to use with great results. Just spray and walk away! I need to order another case of it!
  12. Lars

    Prochem 650 HP heat exchanger question

    Sounds like it could be a hole in your heat exchangers. They are right behind the blower exhaust. How many hours do you have on it?
  13. Lars

    Upholstery help needed.

    I cringed when I saw the pictures, might have gotten a little to wet in that area trying to get those stains out that were there. Definitely treat it with some browning treatment, and speed dry. That area of the chair with the piping and lack of padding with who knows what under it is frustrating
  14. Lars

    Business line: Local Area Code or 800 Number?

    We just use a local phone number. Customers know when they see your number if it looks like a local prefix and build trust that you are a real local company.