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    what is your #1 tool for low moisture cleaning stairs

    Thanks for the info George, ill get the grout brush. Im a fan of the Stepson I use Glad pads
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    You think you can trust the media

    From the little I read about this photo. The photoshopped photo was posted on Facebook, with no credible news organizations using this. So yes it's the definition of fake news. But to pass this along as though "the media" used this is also disingenuous. The term fake news implies that a credible...
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    Royal Vacoum

    They went out of business this year. Stock up on replacement parts. Still the best vacuum ever built (all Metal version)
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    Here's an old video of John Geurkink using a small glider under all cotton pad. In the old days all we had were cotton pads, so gliders were almost always used. Cotton removes the most soil but the polyester in the newer pads like Glads and superzorbs make the glider less necessary. Ironman or...
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    I've experienced what you have also as far as the pads looking black, even after thorough washing. If you've used Superzorbs or still have them then I think you'll have the same experience with glads. I've never had Superzorbs and Glads at the same time so I never did a direct comparison. I just...
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    I regularly use Glads, IronMan, and Mytees Duramax. They all are excellent but if I had to only use one it would be Glad Pads from Trinity Renewal. Orbot Superzorbs are very close to Glads almost the same but I think Glads are 2% better, don't know why though. IronMan and Duramax are 100% cotton...
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    Triforce carpet stretcher

    By the way all the reviews I've read from actual users seem to be good. Most of the naysayers tend to be guys that haven't used it and can't imagine how it works. I have not used it but will soon give it a shot. Doesn't seem like rocket science
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    Triforce carpet stretcher

    It's on my list to buy, I wasn't sure if I'd get the Mini Max Tri-force or the full size Max. But it looks like the Mini Max maybe discontinued, which is fine because the latest version has pins in the rear facing legs which make the Max smaller and possibly adjustable compared to the earlier...
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    Mytee Upholstery Tool

    Same here, love the tool but the plastic at both the brass fittings is broken. I had to remove the broke pieces. To hold it together i just used two wood screws, screwed lightly into the plastic. The screws are holding fine so far. Mine is out of warranty ( I think it's 90 days).
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    Glides and what kind of wand is this?

    I was wrong it looked just like an 802 by the head, but the valve is not the v800 so I don't think it is an 802
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    Urine odor from grout....

    I had success with a horrible tile and grout urine soaked elevator. Basicallyy a 4 floor apartment building with only one elevator. seems like everyone in the building has a dog so the residents take there dogs out to pee and ride the elevator down to the ground floor. Either none of the dogs...
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    Glides and what kind of wand is this?

    Great wand BTW
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    Glides and what kind of wand is this?

    That is definitely a PMF 802. Just looks like the glide doesn't fit that 802. They've been made for probably 30 years with many variations. Possibly the glide would fit another 802 but not yours. I have 2 different 802's and the are very slightly different, although they both fit the same...
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    Kleenrite pcx vs procyon as a rinse

    Easy, PCX is the best emulsifier I've ever used. It outclasses everything I've tried. U can us it greatly diluted (just 1 cup instead of the recommended 2 cups per 5 gallon stock) even diluted like this it will clean as well as common emulsifiers like Dry Slurry or Formula 90 and leaves no...
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    Pcx rinse

    Better To just use a prespray that doesn't leave a sticky residue at all. All of Kleenrite's presprays and Vacaway presprays are nonresidual. By nonresidual i just mean nonstick.