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    Restaurant booth upholstery

    Going to clean 40 booths (just the backs , the seats are vinyl) next week. They are very heavily soiled and have never been cleaned in this restaurants 10 year existence. I haven’t cleaned very much upholstery and never in a restaurant. Need some recommendations on what chemical I should use ...
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    Grout master

    I always use 2 scoops in my inline sprayer with yellow tip
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    Sapphire scientific 370

    Why are you selling ? Machine only or van too? How much are you asking ?
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    Sapphire scientific 370

    Thanks. I’ll check out the rage too
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    Sapphire scientific 370

    Does anyone have/use a sapphire scientific 370 daily ? What are your thoughts about it ? Ive been using a Hydramaster boxxer 421 since 2004 it’s about time I get a new machine and just want some thoughts and advice before I move forward. 90 percent of my work is vacant rentals. Thanks
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    Bio break/pre load 5

    Chris, How many scoops do you suggest for rat nasties ? I use the yellow tip in my hydroforce I think that's 8:1
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    Bio break/pre load 5

    Thanks. Can't wait to try it.
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    Bio break/pre load 5

    Ordered a jar of each last night. Have never tried either one but after reading some posts on here it seems like a lot of y'all use both and swear by them. I do mostly vacant rentals and a couple of restaurants. What can I expect from these 2 products? I like that bio break is only 6 scoops as...
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    At the end of the day/hydro force sprayer

    At the end of the day do you empty your hydro force sprayer and run water through it ? Or just leave the chemical in it ? I've been leaving the chemical in it and lately have been having problems with it not spraying enough chemical. Just wondering if the problem is related to leaving the...
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    Trouble with my hydroforce sprayer

    Thanks I will take it apart in the morning and clean it. And I'll go ahead and order a couple of rebuild kits so I'm ready when it craps out.