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    Little Giant question

    We’ve been using little giant propane heaters for many years now with Judson and also added them to our old white magic we used to have. I’ve had them all and now stick with the HP and XP models in 3 or 4 size. We clean tile all the time with them. Les’s videos from Judson are awesome for...
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    Judson Truckmount

    I have two Judson TNT's and I've been very happy with them. Never been to a shop for any mechanical issues as we can repair everything ourselves. One has a 4htxp little giant and the other has a 3htxp series heater. Any questions I have had Les at Judson has been quick to help over the phone...
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    El Diablo Diesel Heater

    I recently bought a El Diablo with 500hrs. It's the first machine I've had besides a LP heated Judson. I'm pretty familiar with propane but no at all with diesel heaters. Machine has been working awesome until a couple days ago when I had a problem with pressure and heat. It seemed there was...