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    Dumping waste water in septic tank?

    Depends on the volume of water which could temporarily overcome the processing of the system. The real killer of septic systems and leach/sand filter systems would be lint.
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    INFERIOR O-rings
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    Traditional Hands On Training @roballen

    If you want a quicker response from Rob you will have to post it on one of the political posts lol.;)
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    Titan 575 stalls for 5-10 seconds

    Sometimes hard to diagnose intermittent problems but should be easier now that is has completely stopped running. Could be a sensor or switch that finally went out or could be a fuel pump. Good luck.
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    Titan 575 stalls for 5-10 seconds

    Could be moisture in the fuel. Try a bottle or two of Iso-Heet
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    Blower rebuild

    I have torn down many engines to the crankshaft and rebuilt them...but the only 2 Sutorbilt blowers I took apart to do the rear I was never able to get them back in time when I reassembled them. I think it takes a experienced rebuilder when it comes to a total rebuild on them. Just my experience...
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    DIY camping sink or purchasing a portable sink.

    @rob allen @admin These spammers are a joke
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    Blower rebuild

    Are they bad? Generally they only go out on the drive side.
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    How important is grooming carpet?

    Some homeowners and especially property managers and landlords like that zig zaggy sharktooth pattern because it looks freshly cleaned. Me, I like to leave it looking like it was brand new off the roll. They don't come brand new off the roll with a vacuum pattern. But to each their own. Give...
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    New TMF Headquarters build out

    Looks nice. That's not a ripple in the new carpet is it?
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    portable for upholstery

    For the price I would skip the mytee 8070. I have one and I only paid $750 for it. Not worth the current pricing imo. My biggest pet peeve is no drain valve, only a drain cap. When you pull the cap there is no going back. Only place to drain it is like a commercial floor drain sink. Hard to hit...
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    Black water coming out spitfire 3.2

    It could be either that is breaking down.
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    portable for upholstery

    I had a 3 gallon Mytee for the small jobs and a 10 gallon for larger jobs. I always hated using a truckmount and truckmount tools on upholstery.
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    Black water coming out spitfire 3.2

    Your hoses are breaking down and going bad.
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