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  • Well, in upsells alone, I probably grossed a little over $17000 in 3 months, not including groupons $, but, a lot of it went on expenses:


    The thing is, no matter how hard I worked, or how much I busted my rear, the client never really cared. I can count on one hand the referrals and call backs. I did get a lot of positive feedback as well as great testimonials, but, they were happy w/the outcome, but not my prices.

    Think wisely before you jump into anything.
    Groupon is a bust, unless you're doing 1 room for $69. What we have to realize is the % of people that actually care about the quality of the job you're doing is probably < 1%. The rest are just calling you because of the deal they are getting. They don't care if you're doing a 12 step process or a 2 step process, they just want what the groupon gives them. Also, no matter how affluent they claim their client base is, it's clients who let their carpets go years w/o cleaning and now expect the most pristine cleaning for whatever the groupon is.

    I'm glad I did it, I was able to experience a lot of situations and try different chemicals, however, I would never, ever, do it again.
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