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    Its Alive!!!!!!

    Never Have forgotten this wonder! How is it doing in 2021?
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    TMF Makes a Reel Crazy Video...Carpet Cleaning Hose Reels

    How is the fuel use with the larger engine and so few jobs being dual wand? And at that, what step is the speed control at? Don't want the fuel cost going out of budget. Truely like the dual wand available but with only about 5% of my work dual I can't afford a massive expense in gas every day.
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    Modification 4 to the door

    My concern is if you'll still have left up the two hoses with your blower size. You'll know, there would be lots of water dripping from the hoses alot of the time. Increasing cfm could cost you your left or call it "your carrying of water away: Sent from my SM-N910V using TMF Forums mobile app
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    First year with a truckmount in the COLD!!!

    Just couldn't help myself Hope this warms you all up. Florida is having a cold spell! Wife wants to move! Sent from my SM-N910V using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Online Carpet Cleaning Training (And other services) PLUS Video Systems

    How about a "bloopers" video? I'm sure there are many. Hard to keep a straight face.
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    First year with a truckmount in the COLD!!!

    I would put heavy blankets over my van and a heater inside. Worked out great great. Not much need for that now I'm in Tampa! Sent from my SM-N910V using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Top 10 carpet cleaning wands

    Brainstorming means time for BASKETBALL?
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    Tcs chief

    Any way to "shroud" the wind from the pilot light? Sure you thought of this, but wanted to ask
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    Commercial door prop

    I like " likenew89 's answer!
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    Uv flashlights

    Hydro-force has a great one but when it breaks that's 250.00 down the vacuum hose. You can not get bulbs or switch for a 175.00 light? Really- that makes no sense! ! (For those not familiar with the light the balance of the 250.00 is the yellow glasses, batteries and charger.
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    Those who have had both: Differences in the Devastator vs the Pre-filter with 5 gal paint filter bag

    I have the pre-filter unit and keep the 5 gallon paint filter bags in it. They wash down easy, are cheap and very easy to clean out. Seems to me this is the same as the DEVASTATOR filters but, never haven used Toms filter and felt I'd ask. Just do not ask about the 500.00 I paid for the...
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    Anyone Care to Show Pics on How You Store Your Wands (older style cargo vans)

    Omar, please tell us about that TM. Looks kick :mooning:. And tomorrow, when there is light out, I'll post wand "holding in place" tips and tricks.
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    75k - 90k!:eek: Is that with a Truck too? Must say your out of my league. I'm running a 25/45. Thats what that truck eats for breakfast!:vamp: But if your need 2 to 3 wands that far that often then better to maintain one truck.:sneaky: As for the Question: "Looking to sale a 2006...
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    How much is that thing? ( The "steam action cat" )
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    Set-up & Breakdown Contest! (Rob Allen vs Mike Camacho)

    I'd forgotten that story. After hearing it again - I know why. In mine at least the hero lives!