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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Be A Grapple)

    Your company subbed a job to me here in florida cause im a master cleaner. Been about 2 months ago at this point. Never paid me. The guy that answers the phone always has the same canned answer. “Accounting has your check scheduled to go out next week”. I started hearing that about a month back...
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    Special Formula for what?

    What product do you have , that performs as good as ultrapac trafficlean, and is under 10 ph for nylon. I love secret fromula, but thats higher ph correct? Ive used ultrapac for years, and love the results, and customers love the mint fresh version. I love that when i use secret formula, it...
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    Special Formula for what?

    I was not aware that it had new 02 in it. Is that correct? I was adding boost all to it, which i will quit doing if thats the case
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    Special Formula for what?

    So RSF spiked, just to be clear, is RSF with grout master added, and thats it? Been a while since i used free and clear. I have a whole jug of it on the shelf. Are you finding that that is working as effectively on polys?
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    Coffee stains

    I love stain zone, butbi think it smells like rotten cheetos. So does knockout 1. Its obviously something in the chemistry besides the peroxide, because peroxide doesnt stink like that.
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    Special Formula for what?

    The product alone will clean nastys as a stand alone, but of course oxy boosters are definetely beneficial when there are different types of stains everywhere that may not come out without them. I also notice that it some minor filtration soil will come out with just an edge tool.
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    Special Formula for what?

    Dang, thats like 10 scoops for a five qt HF! I use 4 scoops at 4:1 , and get amazing results. Are you not using a water softener? Not sure why you would need so much.. it is a great product. I hate to say some things on here have not lived up to the hype, but RSF is the real deal. Have you ever...
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    Needs advice. Unsuccessful carpet clean.

    Flex with cs is a great product, but it sucks on polyester, which is what that looks like unless you said it wad nylon, and i mis read it. Products that will perform much better are Rob allens RSF spiked, prochem olefin pre clean, or bridgepoint traffic slam. I actually did a test once on a poly...
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    Does anyone know of an aftermarket clutch for 4.8 CDs?

    I recently replaced my clutch for a tip that a napa clutch was the same as the HM one. It was, and significantly less expensive. Is there a similar possibility for the pump clutch?
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    New premium 1.5 gallon sprayer w/Viton seals! (Video)

    I hate these sprayers. You have to pump them constantly. The green ones though having their own issues were much better. (Out of business). I have to apologize Scott for never getting back to you on a safety connect you sent me no charge. I was having issues with them being extremely difficult...
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    What vans/trucks will direct drives fit in now?

    engine RPM is effectively doubled .. Van running 1500 will spin blower @3,000
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    What vans/trucks will direct drives fit in now?

    They used to be able to put in ford e series vans. Those no longer exist. Only thing left is chevy express and gmc savana with 6.0 l if they in fact ditched 4.8 l this year. Cds x drive will go in ford transit