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    Business offer for the owner of TMF

    wow how do you attack a guy online about a deformity he has had absolutely no control over and has had to deal with his entire life. Not to mention take a passion and turn it into an empire brick by brick. Every job he ever sold, every dollar he ever made he did so with a lisp now pardon my...
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    Business offer for the owner of TMF

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    Help a new guy out! My truck froze

    they have delonghi ceramic heaters that are flat and you can hang or mount in the inside walls of the van. They have an anti freeze setting as well if you want to alternate them.
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    Help a new guy out! My truck froze

    this is by far my biggest fear when purchasing a tm because I live in ny. I like robs idea with the two heaters just incase one fails the other will get you out of the woods. Also the thermometer inside the van so you can check it without having to go outside or open the doors to save heat. You...
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    Rat nasty

    nice job! That's impressive
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    Travertine tile help please

    damn! that came out great! Where can I learn to polish a floor like that? Is there a school that teaches that?
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    The new SS PC Apex 570??

    how are the 370s? I have heard some good things about them
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    How to clean this

    looks like the rug in my living room lol it took a week and a half to dry after the carpet cleaner left too much water down. It started to stink like mold and I have to have it hanging on my dining room chairs for at least three days. Don't go too crazy with the water if you don't plan on...
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    If you had one year to start a business....

    thank you guys so much I really appreciate it! I want to start by taking the online classes here at tmf then some iicrc classes if I can find them locally. Those manuals are great I will read every one of them and I want to invest in a truck mount. I don't know what it is but I have always...
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    If you had one year to start a business....

    Yea man I have to agree with you! lol As I respond to this post at 4 in the am getting ready to hit the water I have to ask myself why I'm even still doing this. I guess because I wanted to start with a truck mount over a portable in the beginning. Maybe I would be better off working my way...
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    Cleaner to Cleaner #3 Jim Baldwin...long time lurker

    another awesome video! Great point when Jim said there are a lot of guys on this forum that are probably too smart to be in this industry! SO TRUE lol it really is impressive to see the blend of different ideas that go into creating a successful private business. Some of the brightest minds...
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    A bit of tile work tonight

    hey man looks good to me keep it up!