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    best place to get pumptec 207v and price

    i have one going out whos got the place to get one at
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    How many clients asked you wear mask?

    they ask , i start off wearing it but i always take it off
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    Selling equipment

    mytee couter 8908 style spinner tile I WILL BUY THIS FROM YOU
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    Has anyone used this pump Cat Extractor Pump .75GPM .3HP 500PSI

    This is the pump , its light weight , but will it hold up? the cat pump in the Nautilus is extremely heavy, HAS ANYONE USED OR HAVE THIS ONE AND HOW DO THEY LAST AND IS THE PRESSURE GOOD?
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    Get rid of the cheap 250 psi machine and get a real machine and clean it like a professional !!! use bucket heaters to heat the water , and get some good chems, simple green is not very good stuff for rugs.... Oh I am not downgrading you but upgrade and youll he a happy boy !
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    Top portables

    I agree 100% I love my 35 hoses
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    Jim its the doing the horrible ones, over and over and learning what works and what doesnt work. Then you just keep refining the chems and process till you, look at these jobs and smile ! Money !!! gotta love the bad ones.
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    Luky, Unchained, Grout Master and black label, it will look like brand new.... I couldnt tell you how many of these disasters I have fixed over the years.
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    Truckmounts and Chemical Costs

    Spot on Rob, i too know many cleaners who are only concerned about prices and nothing else, some get rid of great equiptment to buy junk and then clean carpets with laundry soap or dish washing detergent... If you want to be a professional do professional work and that includs using the...
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    What's your view of few political leaning posts here?

    Rob, i agree but for the most part, democrats want to bust each other in the butt non stop, they want to kill all babies and if by chance that baby survives , they want to bust the baby in the butt too !! Truth Hurts !!
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    Nautilus extractor models

    JJgunsmith, Get the Nautilus , get some tank heaters and in 10 minutes youll blow all the steam you want and clean better than most pros..... Remember Chicks like big machines ! size matters
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    Nautilus extractor models

    The airhog is a tiny machine you need a big loud noise, Customers love to hear that loud noise.. it cleans like a truckmount , only better because you can add chems in.. Im sure the air hog works good for a tiny machine, and you know what they say , tiny guys use tiny machines... So get a real...
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    Nautilus extractor models

    You will love the Nautilus, as with any machine, sometimes you have to improve it.. The Case is great and the motors are great. But the nautilus is by far 200 thousand times better than the air hog. You can do anything you want with the nautilus... The Nautilus and the Jaguar are the cream...