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  • Hi Joe,
    I've been researching a T&G job on TMF and read one of your posts inviting questions. I have a question regarding restaurant kithcen T&G. Grout is loaded with hard grease, I test cleaned different areas with Lye and it looks fantastic. They are thrilled, I've cleaned their carpets etc for 10 years. They love me and I love them. They've always done the kitchen themselves with bad results. They can't do it anymore because they flood the floor when they do it and now it will leak onto finished rooms below. It's 1500sf and I'm thinking of charging $2.50/sf. They are not cheap or looking at other companies, they were impressed with the perfect results and all the safety gear that was involved and I have always given them the best service and they often tell me how much they appreciate it. Is $2.50sf for clean and seal reasonable?

    Thank you I appreciate your opinion,

    Paul Starr
    Paul's Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Inc.
    Thanks for the advice you gave me on Hardwoods. It was a pleaser to speak with someone who has the experience that you have actually in the field.

    Again Thanks

    Joseph Whatley
    Blue Ribbon Floor Care
    did you get my message from yesterday? I need to kow if we need to send you a manufacturer's rep agreement. Please advise,,,,Thanks, Bob
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