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    Pressure help!!!

    I'll have my pressure set at 1200psi and after about 10min. It drops down to 900 and can't get it back to up unless I turn my mount off turn it back on. But it will do this every time. start it back up 1200 10min later 900. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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    New Rotovac CFX ZX can run 200' of vacuum hose?!?! Thoughts??

    This was in re: to the Cfx. From my understanding you hook a hose from your wand directly from the customers faucet and if you want hot water forget about any pressure. I hope I'm missing something.[emoji848]
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    New Rotovac CFX ZX can run 200' of vacuum hose?!?! Thoughts??

    Who cares how much vac hose you can use when you can only use 15-25ft. Of solution line. Or am I missing something?
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    Vaccuum filter question

    Thanks for your response guys. I clean the tank and tank filter daily but not sure How To go about cleaning out the blower?
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    Vaccuum filter question

    How bad is it and what damage could happen if you never use a inline filter for vac hose?
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    BEST OF Robs Secret Formula Spiked prespray B4 & After pics

    I agree. Love the cleaning power and scent of BL and flex ice has been my go too rinse for at least a year now.
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    is there a decent portable that weighs under 100 (not Cfx)

    It's only use would be high end condos and some commercial carpet.
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    V-jets to t-jets

    Lol. Thx guys. I don't know what I would do without this forum sometimes.
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    V-jets to t-jets

    Thx for all the help guys. Your awesome.
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    V-jets to t-jets

    That's it exactly. Constantly having to clean them out. Thx for the V jet filters tip. I'll take a look into that right now.
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    V-jets to t-jets

    Is there a way I can modify my evolution wand to have t-jets?
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    Evolution wand

    Has anyone switched to t-jets if so, what are your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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    What to charge?

    If that the only reason your there 225 but if your already there cleaning then 125-175
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    Casino cleaning

    Thank you. That's awesome advise. You rock oxifreshguy