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    Tim yeater is ony 3 hours from Ed and seen the Jaguar at his shop in Milan in and out before this self proclaimed engineer bought it and a Cub. Hard for me to feel much pity for him. Wouldn't listen to any advice from me or others when he bought the c/A products.
    I hate that your loving this but I seen this whole scenario coming for sometime.
    How about telling these Jokers the truth that I haven't pushed the Jaguar for years . That I always mention the exhaust booster and Ed has never acknowledged it.
    Man I am sincerely sorry about all the replies I have made to you over several mths. I feel like a idiot. I was convinced after talking to Ed on the phone you simply have it out for him. You’ve proven to be the correct one. I don’t mind being the underdog and fighting back but clearly in this war I was on the wrong side.
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    Hi , thanks for the message , like i said no need to apologize . I dont get offended by these discussions , you have to experience issues with a machine before you make conclusions , so you would not have know earlier on .
    Appreciated. It’s just all so unbelievable the machine is so poorly built
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