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    White cotton furniture

    Which cleaning solution did you use? Did it turn bright orangish-yellow when you got it wet? I've come across several sofas like this and it freaks me out every time.
  2. Joshua Johnson

    New tool or not?

    I'd cover the whole floor with Bonbet, 175 with a striped bonnet then fluffy ones. Groom and done. Standard KISS.
  3. Joshua Johnson

    Industry Cry Babies

    What sparked this tinderbox?
  4. Joshua Johnson

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    So... who are the two runners up chosen at random just for commenting?
  5. Joshua Johnson

    Rob in my area

    Maybe Rob is moonlighting in LA. Busting his butt for literally no money, just to feel something again.
  6. Joshua Johnson

    Job done right

    Have you knowledge of the Squarespace? It's really simple, costs like $130 a year. Here's mine. Not fancy, took me about two hours to write the copy and set the layout. I'm not experienced in web design. Functional.
  7. Joshua Johnson

    Cigarettes smell

  8. Joshua Johnson

    Job done right

    Did you know that you have a link to your website on your website? That's extremely thorough.
  9. Joshua Johnson

    Carpet buckling for first time in 27 years

    There's a major carpet retailer/installer in my area that is notorious for not power stretching during installation. If this is the 1st time you've seen this in 25 years, you must have good local installers. Itll returns to normal once it's dry, in about 48 hours to be safe. Then they should...
  10. Joshua Johnson

    How to prevent carpet occupational disease?

    I do that too. Urine should be straw-colored.
  11. Joshua Johnson

    How to prevent carpet occupational disease?

    Sounds painful. If it's a repetitive motion injury, you need to stop repeating the motion that caused it. It'll heal if you let it rest.