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  • Hey friend my name is Pete..where are you from? I live in Turlock, Ca if you need help, advise or help with a job let me know. I've been in business for 20 years now. My number 209-668-2727

    I like to help people figure out carpet cleaning issues. Plus I have really goooood mixtures I use. Let me know
    I am a real estate agent, I passed out flyers to a few but it might be better if they didn't know I was one. They might think there's a chance I could steal the clients.. Which I certainly wouldn't if they used me for cleaning.
    Pretty good considering Ive only been at it for 9 months. First thing I did before I started was go to an IICRC class. Tons of good info that you can use to set yourself apart from the competition. You would also get to meet some of your local carpet cleaners. There is a lot of competition every where in this biz. Craiglist will drag in a few but you need to go out and meet real estate agents, that way you get empty houses (no furniture to move) and tons of time to practice with no-one watching you. Most real estate companies of any decent size contribute to various charities, you can offer to give them $10 per referral to their charity of choice. Dont offer kick backs to the agents its illegal (RESPA)!
    Spend a couple of days at the IICRC class nearest you, it will help you out a lot.
    Im down in the Palm Springs area, small market and I see a shiz load of carpet cleaners everyday. I aim for $40-$50 per room. I dont get them all but I make money on the ones that I do.

    Good luck!!
    Oh it's slow, I need to advertise somewhere else besides Craigslist.. Sacramento is a tough market though, there's people doing rooms for $10-$14.95 all over the place and apparently trying to upsell I guess.

    So my pricing is $20 a room (under 250 sq ft.) which isn't too much off but there's just so much competition.

    How are you at and how's the market there?
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