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    When I made my Home Depot Johnny version there was no $40 S.O.S. Tool. At $40 I'd just buy the tool myself.
    Ok, thank you. Look at this video of a poor man's water claw, is it a plunger hooked up to an extractor or what? Pat
    Another thing is the sos 40 buck one does not have the suction starting from the middle of the unit, but and end. I saw a video on this, and it takes some time for it to start extracting from the opposite end. So, i may just get the 128 dollar water claw. Pat
    Hi Johnny, you had a post a while back about asking someone complaining about Compliance Depot
    and whether a property management had asked for CD approval AFTER the work was performed.
    Has this personally happened to you? I'm having to take a PM to court to get paid for this very situation. Or if you know someone who has experienced this I would love to get a affidavit to present in court.
    Johnny Bravo
    They're just trying to to not pay you. When it happened to me I Googled the company and found out they had a habit of not paying contractors. So I posted reviews on Google and Facebook etc of this company and their practices and wouldn't you know it, they called me within an hour, and I was paid soon afterwards.
    Hey Johnny, in 2015 you posted a question about cleaning a morrocan carpet that had a bad smell. I brought back a carpet from Morocco that has the same problem, and by the pick you posted, it is the same colour, weave, style as yours. I was very surprised to see a pic that looks exactly like my carpet. How did you get the smell out?
    Johnny Bravo
    I didn't get the smell out. I returned it to the owner. But if you post this question on TMF someone will answer it. Or you can read my thread where I posted this question. It was answered at some point.
    Hey Johnny. I was told you are great at posting ads in Craigslist. I was wondering if I could shoot you some questions?
    Johnny Bravo
    I was good at it a few years back/ But no so much these days. CL changed a lot of stuff over the years and I didn't keep up with the changes and how to play the game. So any info I'd have is outdated now.
    Hey Johnny, do you still own or did you ever own a vortex big truck mount carpet cleaner
    I see you had a Banshee I am trying to decide to purchase one, how well did the machine work for you?
    Johnny Bravo
    Mine was a basket case and rebuilt. I've head nothing but bad things about the Banshee and the maker of it. I'd get a Judson or a name brand machine only JMO
    on your post back in oct. most on here are like that and 98% of them dont know what there doing anyways. im from the corp. side. and cleaning time 26 years in and see a ton of jokes on here, but i stay just checking in to see anything to foreword my xp.
    Hey Bro,
    what is the belt # for the inferno stack I have the 30/47 so I want to replace it thanks in advance.
    Johnny Bravo
    I have no idea. My Inferno uses a coupler instead of a belt.
    Yo Homie...3am..Tues Am..Gunna Blow the Chemo Off Essay..Shhh don't tell the wife..Going to Go Some where..but it Aint Gunna Be THERE,,If ya Know Whatta Mean..
    I wanted to send you a private message regarding "Will, and his situation with this (911 RESTORATION) if your interested in knowing the details or the truth about what happen to your friend." I'll brief you, I've seen you guys discuss this for almost a year now. He seems like a good guy, i know someone very close to me that works at the HQ at 911.
    JB can you please extended or save the last paragraph
    i just posted it e=was about breaking my heel 3 days after I got my new trailer please I keep deleting and it still wont save
    IICRC Water Damage and Restoration Class WRT
    November 7th-9th 2014, 8:30 start time Friday-Sunday
    Kleaners Supply and Service Facility
    10600 Maumelle Boulevard, North little Rock, AR 72118 (501)765-5492
    Price for the Class is $350.00 Each Person, seating is limited,
    Lunch Will be provided all three days.
    Contact Will at 501-765-5492 to sign up for the class and any other questions.
    jonny good lookin out bringing newbies out for ride a longs
    from "Should I Start With a Portable or a Truckmount?"
    much respect
    Forgive me for asking a really stupid question, but I'm new to this forum, and new to forums in general; how can I start a new discussion if I have a question to ask the forum? Thanks a bunch :)
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