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    Contest-Free Green Label prespray w/Thymol

    I was blessed by St. John Paul II in person in 1987 when he came to Phoenix, AZ when I was in 3rd grade and was sitting in the 1st pew of Saints Simon and Jude church bc my name was pulled out of the hat. I've lived a blessed life ever since always working hard and staying out of trouble, for...
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    Mytee Airhog 7303LX

    What are you using for your water supply?
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    Broken Vaccumn hose 1.5 to 1.5

    Ethan I've attached two photos of female x female 1.5 x 1.5" coupling that will attach two broken hoses or simply extend a vacuum hose length. I've also attached two photos of a vacuum hose end that will attach to most floor tools. GL with your new business!
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    2008 Bubble about hit again?

    It definitely feels like that in Phoenix. We paid $136K for our 2200 SF two story house in 2003 and although we're not selling the same house in our development is going for about $400K
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    Rotovac Austrian GLS20 CRB from Whittacker

    I'd list it @ about 50% retail value unless there aren't any used available in your area then probably higher.
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    What to do?

    I'd recommend if you have the room for it get both and use whichever fits the job better. TM is obviously going to take a much bigger footprint but if that's not an issue you can always sell it if it doesn't make sense for your & your customers needs. Don't overlook stone floors Too.
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    Portable with 2 or 3 cords?

    It'd be nice to have a nautilus with all the bells and whistles like heat, adjustable 500-1200 PSI and dual 3 stage vacuums but the best thing you can do is find an affordable extractor that sucks well and get your business started. HWE (hot water extraction) can be broken down with the CHAD...
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    Encapping Upholstery

    I follow the same steps as VLM carpet cleaning, vacuum pre spray then hand held buffer everywhere you can. If you need to just rinse off and continue.
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    Upholstery cleaning price

    I try to charge $35-40 per seat on couches and sectionals so that sounds about right.
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    Auto fill/ auto pump out.

    Oh ok thanks for your help Jim! My discharge was a ¾ male so I stayed with that size PVC and went with a ¾" spring activated check valve that opens @ 5 PSI but it seemed a little too hard to open so backed off the retaining screw a little & it seems to open easier
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    Easy question - probably

    My guess is the pad has soaked up most of the urine and you haven't used enough urine remover to allow it to soak into the pad like the urine has before extraction
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    Fresh Water Tank

    I'm probably going to shorten the discharge pipe a little but this is what I did last night: can I use cloth garden hose for the waste water or probably a sturdy rubber or nylon would work better so it doesn't kink?
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    13 inch or 17 inch 175, that is the question...

    I run a 20" Tenant \Nobles for encapsulation with Bonnet Pro Ironman cotton bonnets and it slays large carpet areas quickly. I also run a 13" Oreck Orbiter for encapsulation on stairs and tight spaces. It does a great job even with larger 15" cotton bonnets. Don't be afraid to add plenty of pre...
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    Auto fill/ auto pump out.

    Ok makes sense. Is this a truckmount waste tank or portable? I'm running a Mytee Speedster portable so went with the 950 GPH pondmaster and I PU a one gallon paint strainer today to wrap around the entire pump as a pre filter. On the discharge side of the pump I was going to run all PVC up to...
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    Fresh Water Tank

    Hello agaiñ Bob I'm buying parts for my APO (I went with the 950 GPH pondmaster BTW) and I'm wondering if I should use rigid parts only inside the waste tank or maybe rubber hose between the pump and the inline check valve? TIA