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  • i have a brand new mytee ltd3, neither vacs are working, lights indicating on different circuits work, pump, pump out and heat all work, can you please help

    Hello john, Just wanted to thank you again for your simple solution to getting my Mytee hot turbo up and running. Your instructions worked out perfectly and it only took me 10 minutes.
    Thank you very much Sir !!

    Hi John, I have just sent out a help request through the Mytee website. My three months Air Hog 7303 pump out motor has quit. When I try switching it on, it causes the electric breaker to trip. Please help we urgently need this for back up and furniture cleaning. We bought this thru A & R supply. The serial # 01120556. Thanks in advance.
    Hello John,
    My name is Patrick and am considering on getting the 80R waste tank. Although I would like to know how many HG it will pull and my machine bypasses water into the waste tank. At times the water hits 300 F or so. Just curious if this would be a good fit or not.
    Thank You Very Much,
    Avid Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair
    Thanks John for sending out my replacement filter basket for my piggyback. I appreciate your help and the products you sell.
    John I got the Lint Hog in Yesterday, thank you very much, it will be very beneficial for my jobs.
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