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  • hi John , new member here. Im planning to buy the LTD3 . where is the nearest distributor. Im in Servierville TN. But i have a few questions. Hewn is the best time to call you ?
    I have a question. I am planning on getting a escape and have a general operation question. If I'm parked in a driveway and the machine isn't level (given the slope of driveway) will that effect performance, or longevity of machine?
    Does the auto flow have to be hooked up in order for the chemical feed to work? I turned it on and bubbles went through the meter and then the weight dropped and it has not moved at all.
    I just bought a new LTD 3 and wanted to know what is your advice on hose legth for 1 and 1/2 inch and 2 inch hose. This machine is beautiful.
    Looking to purchase a Bentley swivel head wand 14" standard length. I am in Washington. What is my best bet for a distributer here?
    I don't want you building me a new one when I want the refurb waterbox. I have a feeling if I don't check on this myself it will get screwed up. I've pretty much given up on brick and mortar distributors. They are understaffed and not a lot to see. Might as well mail order and save the gas.
    I had an issue with my Mytee order that shouldn't be a real concern. Proline? Is a bad joke.....waited til after 10 am for a sales person. They aren't due in for another hour. It's a shameful way to run a business, So I went to CCCS. I think they must be going through an ownership management transition. Shops a mess barely a wand or hand tool to look at
    Hi John,
    I'm going to order the Air hog Plus in parallel and the waterbox. It looks like the two distributors I have in my area don't have any in stock. I I'm going to go to Proline even though I swore I wouldn't ever again.
    Steve Baker
    Hi John! was wanting more information on your Mytee vacuum motor manifold conversion for my Ninja Warrior!
    Hi John, my name is Rick, wanted to get some info on a mytee sppedster 500 psi with one cord is it possible to do ? I am in Toronto, Canada.
    Hi John,

    I will be in California, Luguna beech from Aug. 15 to 26.
    Needed to stop by and discuss designs the projects I mentioned.

    832 860 4647
    Hey John. I WaSnt Able To Pm You For Some Error.
    Anyway, ThaNk YouFor The Effort In Correcting The Issue.
    ThatIs What I've Liked So Far About Mytee, You Don't Stop Until You
    Make Things Right.
    Power Cords To...
    Art Ortiz
    678 E. Lee Place
    Azusa, Ca 91702
    Hey John, I was wondering if you guys sold parts to the c361 pump.Mine is still working great but the plastic head on top has sprung a leak. Ive tried contacting mytee over the phone and email with no luck.Please let me know
    My pressure gauge on my Mytee 1003dx isn't working, nothing happens, even though there's pressure..? What can we do about it?
    Greetings John I'm interested in a ltd5
    Where can a find a local distributor or buy safely online
    I went last week to mytee website and
    Filled the requested information but have not heard back from mytee
    I would appreciate any help
    Do you have a num I can call or call you thanks
    John, Thanks for having Belinda from your office follow up with me a couple weeks ago. She gave me just the right answers I needed to get my machine working the right way! As I'm sure the issue is with most the problems you see... it was a "user error" lol
    Dear John,
    Could you please send me a list of the President’s Club Distributors list please. I have another questions If I bought a new ltd 3 with a heater and used a rotary extractor such as a T-Rex or RV 360i what kind of temps with built in heaters
    President’s Club Distributors list zip 29732
    demo or good used LTD 3&5
    1005dx, M3 &M5 T-Rex
    Robb Dubisz
    Rock Hill SC 29732
    [email protected]
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