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    Becoming an “essential business” with the CoronaVirus

    Hey guys, As of right now my state is not in a full lockdown, but I expect it to happen any day now. Are there any tips you guys have, or have any of you been able to become labeled as an essential business? We have been able to scrap up work pretty much on the go. Next week and the rest of...
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    Strip and wax problem- Blotchy floor finish from salt/ ice melt?

    Sorry for the bad picture. I snapped a few quick ones and didn't realize that they are very blurry, this was the only one worth posting. I forgot to mention that it is definitely right on the top surface of the finish, I can feel it with my hand. The entire effected area is covered with this-...
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    Strip and wax problem- Blotchy floor finish from salt/ ice melt?

    Hey Everybody, So we did a strip and wax on a store last weekend. We had a problem ( you can see the picture attached) with the finish drying blotchy. We did 4 areas, only one area was open to the public. Finish was dry, at least we thought before anyone walked on it. All areas look great...
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    Large VCT jobs

    Hey guys, So my company has done many smaller scale strip and wax/ VCT services, we recently went out to bid at a large 50,000+ job. So we typically use a standard rotary machine, I wouldn't dream of using one of those for a job this large (we have basically a day to complete it). Any...
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    Evolution wand

    One other thing that I have noticed, is that the Jets have been dripping. I know that’s normal, but it seems like it’s dripping way more than Usual
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    Evolution wand

    It’s brand new, it’s the first time I’ve used it. I suppose it’s still worth a look.
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    Evolution wand

    Hey guys so I had recently purchased A brand new six jet 2 inch evolution Wand, I’ve used these before and I’ve come across a problem that I’ve never had before. When I use the wand I clean at 400 psi, it seems like I’m only getting about 100 to 150 psi out of the wand. I’ve switch to different...
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    Maxim Advance carpet protector pros and cons

    Hey guys so what I've gathered is that Maxim advance is a great all around protector. Protects against stains as well as oil (not as good as Teflon based) and dry soil. Just in terms of FAQ's from customers, people of course always ask what if this or what if that, and I'm curious too. Is this...
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    Bio-Modifier Xtreme

    Hey guys, So I've really been doing some shopping in the deodorizer department. I ran across this stuff and the salesperson said it was safe to leave in the carpet after a hot water extraction. Is this true has anyone used this product? Asking in regards to re- soiling and effectiveness in...
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    Best Rinse

    My apologies if this has been posted before. I've always used EndZone as my rinse. Never had any issues with it at all, but rinse to me is one of the most important aspects of the cleaning. What do you use as a rinse and why?
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    Streaky wand/ jets/ cleaning

    We have 2 titanium 5 jet wands. We started having this issue with one, and a couple months later the other one started doing it too. They are nice wands, I recall paying about $800-$900 each. As you can see with the picture, it is leaving the carpet very streaky. Luckily we carry backup wands...
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    Hardwood Floor issue

    That is what I was thinking too at first, would the burn "stain" transfer to a rag though?
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    Hardwood Floor issue

    Hello all! We were cleaning the carpet at a customers house, everything went great the carpets turned out well and they were very happy. Unfortunately they called in this week and said that there were a few spots on the wood floors (I'll attach a picture) they were thinking were either burns or...
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    WESTPAK TILE BLASTER vs 14" Gekko Wet Vacuum Tool

    Hey all. So I was browsing the TFM store, and I the westpak tile blaster caught my eye. Reason why- I have the 14 Gekko wet vacuum tool. I haven't been overly happy with it. Its not really that it doesn't get the tile and grout clean, but it leaves an incredible amount of water down on the...
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    Starting Air Duct Cleaning- Residential and Commercial

    Hello! My company is just getting started with air duct cleaning, and I wanted to reach out to guys for some advice. A used carpet cleaning truck came with the "duct wizard" A vacuum brush system, has anyone used this before? I have only used it a couple of times but have not been impressed-...