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    Mass Shooting In My Own Backyard!

    The study adds, “Some people have defended President Obama’s statement by pointing to the word ‘frequency.’ But, even if one puts it in terms of frequency, the president’s statement is still false, with the US ranking 12th compared to European countries. … There were 27% more casualties per...
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    Mass Shooting In My Own Backyard!

    Here’s the list of the 18 countries with the top death rate per million people from mass public shootings from 2009 through 2015: Norway: 1.888 Serbia: 0.381 France: 0.347 Macedonia: 0.337 Albania: 0.206 Slovakia: 0.185 Switzerland: 0.142 Finland: 0.132 Belgium: 0.128 Czech Republic: 0.123...
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    Mass Shooting In My Own Backyard!

    I didn't read all this dribble but I am amused the person who says our government is abusing us (I agree by the way), thinks that we should give up our guns so the only ones with guns are the government. We haven't done anything yet but there will be a tipping point at some time in the future.
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    175 Pads or Brush for agitation?

    I took the plastic thing off and run the brush without it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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    175 Pads or Brush for agitation?

    Pads for berber and commercial glue down and brush for cut pile residential. This is the brush I use, it works great.
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    Obama illegally wire tapped President Trump !

    I'm not going to respond to this disaster of a thread in general but your head is buried deep if you believe this. Trumps support now is STRONGER than it was on election day simply because he is doing exactly what he promised in his campaign and he's doing it faster than any president/politician...
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    Love my new MiniMax

    Do you recommend it for hard surfaces?
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    My new Promaster/Judson TNT rig

    It's awesome. The Judson has been flawless with the only issue being the waste tank shut off but that was very easy to by pass so I didn't miss any jobs and then it was easy to replace in about 10 minutes. It works fine and you couldn't possibly hit your shin on it. Probably can't tell from...
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    Sometimes you know you won't get the job

    I had a lady call and tell me she was getting 3 bids for carpet cleaning and could I come by and give them a written estimate. I asked a couple of questions (found out we are talking less than a 1,000 square feet and told her the price is 25 cents psf. Of course she said she needed a written...
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    Rotowash before and after

    If you used the dry compound you wouldn't see that. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Little Giant

    I'm not so sure about that. I've heard of north stars having major heat spikes and I'm much more concerned about that and having a hose burst inside a house with scalding hot water than I am blowing up my little giant. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    help with crb or encap

    How does it do on tile? Can it be used as a stand alone on tile and grout and get the grout lines clean? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Why trump will win

    I think you misunderstand. I have been a Cruz supporter from the beginning and will vote for him if he gets the nomination. My point was Trump has insulted Cruz and his supporters to the point that a great many will not vote for Trump in the general. I'm one of them. Likewise a great many...
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    Why trump will win

    Let's play a game. If you are Hillary Clinton and you know you are pretty much the most hated and least trusted politician around but you want to be president. How do you do it? Very simple, you make sure you opponent is also widely disliked and make sure your opponent does everything possible...
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    Low Cost ADVERTISING...Did You KNOW?

    How do I find/contact the person I need at the hoa? I guess I could by a list of hoa's? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk