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  • Jim, I am interested in your Upholstery pre-spary recipe. What Chemical manufactor do you use? I know Prochem has a Fiber Buff. Are there other chemcial manufactorers that also have a similar product?
    Jim I gave your number to a customer of mine but I just seen that you are out of town, I hope you may have recommend some one you know.
    Thanks for the info....I will give him a call...I don't mind going up there if he can help me...
    His name is Dr. James Overman. Phone 330-276-4234 . Millersberg Ohio. If you call you will probably talk to Deloris. You might not even have to go there. They might be able to help you by knowing about this issue already. His big thing is parasites. They eat away at everything. Mainstream medicine writes them(parasites) off as naturally occurring. I could write a book on how many people this Doc has helped. He's on youtube I think. :)
    Did I ever give you the name of the Doc I know who might be able to cure you of your back issues? He has a PhD in biochemistry, and he has cured so many diseases that main stream medicine cannot. Let me know.
    I was looking at one of the post on the forum regarding which truck mount people run, and noticed that you have a Blue Line Thermal Wave 2. I also have the same unit serial # 204 that has a Nissan motor and 502 hrs. If you have some spare time I would like to know if you have had any over heating problems, or quirks and what modifications, if any you have made.
    Thanks in advance,
    Hi Jim hope all is well for you and your family....

    Question 4 to the door OR 2.5 hoses??
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