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  • I saw your post about newspaper advertising.

    I’m finishing up an article for ICS magazine on newspaper advertising. Would you want to inject a few comments about how newspaper has worked for you? You’d get your name and company name mentioned in the print magazine. If interested, just email me something about what type of response rate you’ve had, how often you run the ad, or maybe how much it costs, etc.

    I need to turn the article in by tomorrow mid morning if you're interested.


    John Braun
    The top 5 members means the 5 people who have posted the MOST for the month of January so far, and then on Feb 1st it resets to ZERO and starts all over - that is what it means, the top 5 people who have the MOST posts for that certain month.
    Thanks to everyone for all the tips. Its nice to have a website where you can learn as much as I have. I find myself liking carpet cleaning more and more everyday.peace
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