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  • Hi Jeff I was surfing the net and saw a youtube video you did for making a rug pit. Just cool to see the first thing that came up was a fellow tmf guy.
    PS nice cars
    Hello Jeff,
    I saw one of your videos on the new box truck side door you had installed. I just purchased a box truck and am looking for someone to get a side door installed. Can you tell me where you got it done? How much you paid?
    James at Squeaky Clean And Dry
    Hi. I am currently bidding on a 142000sqft walmart remodel VCT strip and wax job. I was wondering if you could tell me what you charged them? Thanks that would be great!
    3-N-1 is all I use for several reasons.

    1) Has a high ph,citrus and oxidizer in one.
    2)Powdered for maximum effectiveness and inexpensive to ship.
    3)Does not damage natural stone and appliances.

    Hope this helps!

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