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  • 2.ND PART: I am sorry ,I know too many questions but I got burned out more than once and I don't want to make same mistake again,You can call me when you are available or I can call you or just text the answers.However you want.Thanks in advance.
    1ST PART: Hey Jeff, Can you give me some info: How long have you been working with him,? Where is your business?, Are you already showing up in first page for various keywords? Does he do a PPC for you or just a SEO? If he does PPC what is your ROI.
    Hi Jeff, I saw that you recommending your SEP and PPC guy, are they same person? When you have a time can we talk for couple of minutes.832.573.8115 Ibrahim,Thank you
    Howdy. I saw one of your posts about using BQ shock. Would you mind passing along some info in regards to how you use it in addition to what you use it with? Thank you for your time. Steve
    Jeff Maietta
    Hi there

    Just go to a pool supply store and ask for liquid shock! Easy peasy! Make sure it is 27 percent hp. Works awesome!
    Hi Jeff,

    I've seen your posts over the years with the mytee escape. Did you ever get it fixed up and did you use it much? How was its performance?

    Thanks appreciate any of your help.
    I hope I'm doing this properly. Hello Jeff I was wondering your thoughts on the EZ truck mounts. I'm looking to buy a 34/47. What do you like and dislike. I'm considering between EZ and Amtex. Please let me know . Thanks
    Hi, I'd be interested in your MyTee Escape if you haven't sold it yet. I'm in Florida, so I don't know if shipping would be cost prohibitive. I'm new to the business, I've been planning on getting a portable to start, but would like to start with an ETM if it works out.
    hello jeff
    i have not recived the adress for your place in ft myers, if not the carpet cleaning will can still meet and have a cup of coffee.
    look forward to meet u face to f\ace
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