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    Mini Air Movers That Pack A Punch
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    Hello from Houston

    Welcome Kevin! Tell us about yourself. Jeff
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    How Does Stanley, Coit, and Others Do it?

    There are a multitude of "owner operators" who offer that type of pricing structure and do well with it. They are not "bait n switch" or "splash and dash" companies. In fact I think the owner operator is in a better position to offer this type of pricing structure because of their overhead is...
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    200 ft hose reel by velocity technologies

    Unless the design has changed since I last spoke with Albert there is no bearing in this reel. It is like a wagon wheel, meaning it is metal on metal with a grease port between. I dont know if thats good or bad you decide.
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    Needing a new Vacuum.
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    Hello From Seattle 27 years and still going

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your story John.
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    It should b working now. Give it a try and let us know.
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    Working on it. Jeff
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    could you use a 50 gallon metal drum for a waste tank?

    Without reinforcement you are likely to crush it like a beer can. Ask me how I
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    IICRC or Clean Trust or?

    Could it be time for the all new ACF certifications?
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    Logos on our wands

    Thats pretty cool. If folks are noticing then maybe a Teflon or Scotchgard sticker would do well in promoting add on sales.
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    Hi Brady, welcome to AllStar.
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    Welcome Jim!
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    Joes NEw Filter

    What can I say. Im a deep kinda guy.
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    Joes NEw Filter

    Pointing to bad behavior to excuse bad behavior if a fruitless endeavor.