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    Buying at Boxxer XL thats frozen

    As for the not starting. HM usually has a float switch at the bottom of the water box that can be the issue. Plus if it has frozen, find the high temp shutdown sensor and disconnect it then try to start
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    Hydramaster spitfire 4.0 questions

    Sounds like it is dumping water into the waste tank. No water can be pump seals or pressure regulator.
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    Whistling noise

    If it is a whistling sound and you can you can put your thumb in the vac port and it stops. Leave it alone I have worked on units for yrs doing this, it has something to do with the air flow coming into the vacuum port. Any small changes in the air flow and it stops. When I preheat a unit I use...
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    Trump to step down!

    AMEN to that, if so many others would do that. It would be a better world.
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    Trump to step down!

    After 30 some years time to fire or retire this crazy B%#ch.
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    Trump to step down!

    Trump 2020 hopefully creating job opportunities for smarter Republicans getting rid of the dumb liberals.
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    Another fresh water pump bites the dust. Looking for recommended pump.

    Aquatic transfer pump. no pressure switch to go bad. It bypasses internally. I have customers who have been running for 3 years or more no issues.
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    Trump to step down!
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    Overheating Water.

    Set your thermostat to 200 degrees. Run the unit till the temp gets too 200. Now while looking at the pressure gauge turn the temperature knob down. If the pressure drops 50 to 75 psi the solenoid is working. If it doesn't change the solenoid is stuck. You can also look inside of the vac port...
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    How to unclog 01 jets?

    Find a peice of stranded wire that will fit in the jet. Now you have 15 or 20 jet cleaners.
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    Replace Waste Tank Blower Filter for El Diablo

    The metal plate on the bottom should have a number on it and manufacturer. Search for it online.
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    Truck mount mechanics for repairs and tune-ups?

    Talking about customer list. I have customers who drive 3hr to get the me also. was just at a gathering this weekend and made around 30 contacts who didn't know about me. Most are within a hour or less. Already got two calls and appointments for this week and finishing up a big install tomorrow...
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    Truck mount mechanics for repairs and tune-ups?

    I ask questions, to find out anything that may be wrong before I get there. Depending on what the issue is I'm upfront and honest. If it's something that I think is to in depth I'll tell you, it needs to come to the shop. If it is just a full service or replacing belts, no problem.
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    Truck mount mechanics for repairs and tune-ups?

    Where are you located. I do work on cat pumps. I'm in central north Carolina, Moore county near Pinehurst
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    Need a new engine for my El Diablo Truckmount

    Harbor freight predator 22hp one of my customers put one on his el Diablo unit. bolted right in, seams like he had to do a small mod dealing with the oil filter other than that perfect fit. Been running for 3yrs