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    Facebook Caption Ideas

    Same with frank. No one wants to read boring posts about carpet cleaning, a little humor every once in a while works well.
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    How do your clients pay? Poll

    98% checks, 1% cash, 1% credit cards.
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    Kipp Where The Hell Are YOU!!!!

    So ill ask kipp..... how much are you selling the 3 month old carpet cleaning business for?:) Sorry to hear about the family issues. I really wish you the best.
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    Let's see you Valentine

    Im newly single. Sooo maybe next year I can post :(
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    Church pew time and pricing

    I did get a larger stair tool. So I think spraying down with a good enzyme prespray using the hudroforce and using a stair tool should cut some major time off of the cleaning. I like the idea of switching back and forth. One presprays and works it in using a brush(heck maybe even a push...
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    Church pew time and pricing

    wow a lot of good advice,. Thanks all for the input
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    Church pew time and pricing

    Ha if only he made that much.
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    Running Windshield washer through transfer pump

    What is flammable in window washing fluid or antifreeze? I use window washing fluid but it doesn't get as cold down here as I would assume it gets in canada.
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    Church pew time and pricing

    How many did you do? What cost were you at?
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    Church pew time and pricing

    Yea I was planning on dual wanting the entire thing. I like this idea alot!
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    Church pew time and pricing

    Good point, only the seat. 15 feet long by 1.5 feet. Not large at all.
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    Church pew time and pricing

    Does 10 minutes sound about right each one? Never cleaned a pew before, can only guess about time. They are old and brown, easy fabric to clean. Didnt see major staining.
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    Church pew time and pricing

    I have 42 pews to bid out. They are 15 feet by 1.5 feet. How long using a upholstery tool would this take each? I am guessing 8 to 10 minutes each. So at 10 minutes each, I am guessing 7 hours to complete the work. (10 x 42 = 420. 420/ 60 minutes) So taking my helpers rate of $115 an...
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    How do I clean a leather couch?

    The most important aspect of cleaning the leather that is cleanable is learning how to do a proper dog and pony show. Cause at $40-50ish dollars a cushion, you need to make it look look there is some brain surgery going on.
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    Tackling customer criticism head on

    @212.0 Google the company 'as the fur flies" in Warminster PA. Same thing happened to them as well.