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  • Hey Jay,
    We havent spoke, but have followed some of your posts. Impressed with the way you run your business. Anyways, I want to offer house washing (soft wash), and some small flat work (drive ways, patio's). Just wondering if you would be willing to give me a detailed breakdown of what i need chemical and equipment wise to get started. I have a 16 hp motor, can you link me to the pump you upgraded to.
    Hi Jay, I was reading your post about craigslist & noticed your website. I discovered you have duplicate listings on Google Maps. You're not going to rank well until you merge them. The phone number is like a SS ID as far as Google is concerned. Here's a screenshot, you can see what I mean: http://maptraffic.net/img/duplicate-listings.png

    Don't simply delete one, merge them. Give me a shout if you need help.
    Just want you to know I just called Tommy in Langhorne and told him the stoy of how you didn't want to get anyone in trouble. The laughed about it and said thamks for covering their backs.

    Good luck,
    Bill Yeadon
    Hey, jay. I'm new to the forum and read some of your posts/comments. I do some repairs and a hell of a lot cleaning. Hit me up if you wanna swap stories or technique. It's good to see other cats in my age group out there making it in this business.
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