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    dwell time

    Good point 1k! And I'm guessing that's probably why a lot of you guys use a pump tank sprayer or electric sprayer. I went from 8-1 to 4-1 on the hydro force and haven't noticed problems. At one time I was tempted to get the hydro force sprayer with the adjustable meter valve but.... The thing...
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    dwell time

    My usual style is hit all of one floor at a time all at once with a hydro force then give it a short rest(like it may take say 5 min for me to grab a tool, change pressure and rinse flow, crank up RPMs, have a beverage break) and start right in on it. I never thought dwell could go wrong...
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    Truck Mount Trailer, Install Build Refurb 3 Months

    Great job. My hat is off to you sir. I wouldn't have done it unless there was a mentor and machine shop support. It's your creation so you can be proud of that one!!! So how does she perform? Heat? Suction?
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    Can Descaler Damage Pressure Hoses?

    It's an American industrial.
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    Can Descaler Damage Pressure Hoses?

    That sucks. Been there/am there. Mine was/is a Different problem. Heat exchanger was leaking engine coolant into water supply. I thought it was a prefilter or even the water softener. Got the HE yanked and bypassed till I can get some spot welds. But anyway..... With the mentioned flakes I...
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    How many hours before you change your oil?

    About 50 hrs with mobile 1. Filter too. Do keep your oil as clean as possible. Try putting a magnet down close to the drain cock to catch and purge metallic crankcase contamination. The other basic stuff is just as important to keep your eye on like the air filter, crankcase filter, spark...
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    10 Tips & Tricks for carpet cleaners video

    Thank you Rob. I have always enjoyed learning from you and your site!!
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    How to clean furniture by Rob Allen

    Thank you Rob for helping us with another good video!! The only thing you might have added was showing how you can stack and tent the cushions for faster easier drying? I like to keep a pair of scissors handy too. Also do you use a rinse agent or plain water? To reduce fiber or pattern...
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    What vacuum cleaners do you guys like?

    I have 2 dysons. The dc17 and dc18. The 18 is what's on the truck and I have no complaints with it especially since it was free. I know it's not commercial grade (some describe it as a chicks vacuum) and there are far better machines. I would like to try a pile lifter one day and see for myself...
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    How would you clean YOUR carpet?

    Prevac and detergent rinse with a wand, DONE! Just kidding, lol, I only do that if I have to...I got canines and felines in the multiples and 2 unemployed punk rockers that create interesting floor conditions so sometimes I like to take a shortcut or 3. I use a lot of area rugs and rug runners...
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    Who has Water Softeners?

    I also have had a positive experience since getting an onboard softener. I have a home unit and would not have gotten the AC39 model BUT I don't carry water. You can count on the benefits mentioned above. If you decide to get a home unit you won't be sorry. It saves your clothes and everything...
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    Dry Ice Blasting.... What do you know about it?

    Thank you for the follow up Ted. I think its pretty cool. So what Are you learning with its limits or its advantages? I'm guessing its going to use some ice and that ain't cheap. You can't store it so you must have found a supplier that can handle your needs right? Have you done much with...
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    T Rex vs RX-20 on Commercial Gluedown Carpets

    how wide is the head on that? 15" ? it seems like that 90* fitting might cost some suction loss but your digging fine sand up right? maybe some of the problem its your vacuum?
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    T Rex vs RX-20 on Commercial Gluedown Carpets

    nice. thank you Paul for sharing that with us! the rx20 is too much a beast for me to use and am now using the rv360 when its needed. with rotaries i also get by with a couple of different sized 175 swing machines but i hate maneuvering the weight of the "17 175 on pack ups, set ups...