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  • Jason, how do I post to the classifieds? I want to list a cimex machine and possibly my entire portable cleaning equipment. I can't even find Tre Allen to request as it says in the read before post area. It says I don't have enough privileges to post.
    Hey Jason this is Ron from Budget, Im in Charlott NC this week. Would love to drive up and see your operation and buy you lunch. Hell Ill even work that day if you have a job going on. Would love to see the El DiAblo in action. Then I can take all that info back to Detroit and start ROCKING SOUTHER STYLE!
    You can call me at 586.344.4178 Ron With Budget Cleaning Service.
    Hey Jason wanted to ask a few questions regarding the new tm. Please give me a shout out 252-937-3276. Thanks
    hey jason do you have any new videos of your van, would love to see it again and what size was it.

    Wanted to say HI. My name is Travis and we spoke several months ago regarding a business I was trying to buy in Durham. It has been a long journey, but it appears that the deal will be done soon. Hope to get some pointers from you in the future. What, in your opinion, would be the best way to advertise a new business if one were just starting out.

    Thanks, it's my brother. I'm dying to get one very similar to it....he stole my idea and had it done behind my back.
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