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    new guys thinking about starting up

    Hi Alex, It is really hard to say what you will need as you could also be doing tile & grout, Upholstery etc etc. First of all you will need a suitable vehicle to carry your good around. next is your extraction machine, You really do only have two choices unless money is not an issue and...
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    Looking for used Truck Mount

    you should be able to pick up a new amtex unit and a truck for that price.
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    wcc, what did you use on the coffee spots? A little more info on the actual spot/carpet type may help.
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    Pure Clean *New* Website:

    o0o0o0oooooo Ben Surdi vs TMF, im getting the popcorn out.
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    Giving up Smoking

    Man I was just about to start a thread to all smokers about e-cigarettes and look what I ran into :) FRANK FRANK FRANK. 9 days for me my friend :) im on the e-cigarettes, I have had no cravings and love getting my nicotine hit without all the chemicals its fantastic. I can no longer stand...
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    Pure Cleans' BIG TRUCK!

    I reckon hes hauling a 100psi porty with a 2 stage vac and maybe an aw29.
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    How do you answer the phone

    Hey Mike, when I answer the Phone I say "Clean freaks carpet cleaning, Jarrod speaking" It really depends on the customer and I tend to stereotype the person I am speaking with an morph into their lingo. It really does change from customer to customer. some people will just be calling to...
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    How long should one room take to clean?

    way too many variables, are you counting time from arriving at customers house or from after prespray has been put down?
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    Crazy question from the greenhorn....

    Theres a bit of a difference between asking for freebies and getting offered freebies. in this case a guy with little experience is having a reaction to poorly made chemicals that he is pretty much forced to use, I think Scott has done an awesome thing by letting this guy get a feel for what...
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    Is this Setup Acceptable to you Part 1001

    Sorry man but that is just unacceptable. I hope your making enough cash to get rid of that crx :P
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    Who has been most influential to you?

    I think everyone here on TMF has been by far the biggest influence for my business. Its funny that some of the cleaners here in my area that have been in the game for 30+ years are getting advice from a cleaner of 8 months (me) for advice on new chemicals, products and cleaning methods. Im...
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    so if 50 thing have been sold....the average cost of items is 10k??? wow.
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    What's the worst thing you have ever heard another carpet cleaner do?

    Rob i really wanted to read that :(
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    White towel test

    ROB, you should know better than this..... you could clean carpet once twice thrice...or 64 times and still get dirty water in your waste tank...its hard to explain that to the customer but your going to have to try, if you clean again your wasting time.
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    New Truck Pictures

    they are not vanity mirrors Andrew, put them back where they belong and stop looking at yourself whilst driving.