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    VCT Stripper Recommendation

    I prefer Juggernaut when it comes to Buckeye's line. I've used Ripsaw in a pinch and it's good enough for most jobs but I find Juggernaut has a little more oomph. I've also heard several on here say good things about Bare Bones as well.
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    vibe pad driver

    Where did you find the driver for your Sprayborg Rob?
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    Small area strip and wax

    [emoji115] $500 minimum for us too. I might make a slight exception if I could do it at the same time as the carpet but stripping VCT is hard work so don’t cheapen this service too much.
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    Burnishing Questions

    This isn’t the green pads used for scrubbing. It is the aqua burnishing pads. I believe this was the pad recommended by Buckeye when I was using their Liquimax finish. I now use Clarion 25 which is by no means a cheap or crappy finish. I tried using a hogs hair pad once on this finish and it...
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    Rug Smack Contest

    Ahhh, give it to @jtsunbrite. I think his knowledge has helped us all out a ton. He’ll use it before me. I’ll take some more of your cool pens though. My son stole the one you sent with the Kick Acid. I can’t wait to try it out!
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    Rug Smack Contest

    Tag @keep it clean, you’re it
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    Rug Smack Contest

    Rob said it’s between 125-150. If he’d give me the 2nd and 3rd digit I could get it
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    Rug Smack Contest

    We’ve probably guessed every number 10 times
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    Rug Smack Contest

    130 Come on @PATRICK YANELLO, you have another guess in you
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    Rug Smack Contest

    Cuz I’m tired of getting the alerts and ready for somebody to win lol