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  • Jan can you help me. I blew the 3ht hp coil. I need a new coil like to get the XP coil do you have any or do you known where I can get one.
    Hey Jan l gotta leak in my heater core in my minimount tank. I assume the bottom needs to be cut to access but am not sure if the core is welded to the bottom or not.
    Jan, Im looking to get some information on the Jaguar 6.6 vs the 8.4. Are there any major differences? It would be for a start up company, cleaning mostly residential, looking to run it from a truck using a propane heater.
    do you have any user guides or other information about the jaguar 4000 xps? I have one and would like to know if it can handle a rotary power head.
    hey quick question, what would be better for using the jag 6.6 on 50 feet or less of 2inch vacuum hose...
    using the motors in parallel, or using them in series? If I will never use it past 50 feet in series, wouldn't that remove more water?

    thank you Jan,

    Can I order the part from you and if so how? And the set up diagram


    Hi Jan,
    I am planning to purchase the Little Giant Water heater for my trailer, Do you sell them? I thank you in advance and sorry to bother, it seems you have all the info on these setups.
    hi jan sullins:)
    i was just reading your post about building a small truck mount.so you have any pics?im trying to build someting small myself.i have a 13hp honda motor and a roots 3.3 blower.do you think the motor is big enough?you can email those pics at [email protected] thanks GOD bless
    Hello I have an older model predator-2 unit it has a 250 psi pump with an electrical pressure adjustment it uses a brass pressure switch is the best way i can describe it has a spring loaded plunger inside a hexagon brass body the plunger makes contact on an electric contact switch that shuts the pump off when idle that brass piece is sticking an i cant find a replacement anywhere can you help I can be reached by phone at 810-691-4412 thank you very much.
    could you phone Dan please regarding getting a 2Ht little giant heater for a recoil xps system. thanks. we're in Canada. phone #250-572-6812 to reach Dan.
    I have been associated with this industry since 1976. Started with rotary shampoo,then a Dual Vac Rug Doctor Auto Fill Auto Discharge and chemical feed. Did a Restaraunt chain with that unit. It came with a big motorized floor tool that had a vibrating brush. I think it weighed 66 lbs. Did a good job. Then got a Bane Clene. After afer a few years I bought my first Gas Truckmount . A Prochem CubXL ! I have fond memories of all those machines.
    I was offered to be a sattelite distributor in Oklahoma City for Prochem. Then took on Cross-American , Steamaction ,Bridgepointe,and White Magic. Closed the doors eventually and went home. Mainly just
    cleaned carpet but still sold for Cross-American. Still do along with Little Giant Propane Heaters.

    Jan Sullins
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