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  • hi it`s rob do you still have the sx12? if so is it possible to meet up with you one day at the stamford mall. i go there 2x a week
    rob 908 812 3397
    I have the Mytee12 which is great machine, a beast which uses a lot of power. I like it because it can be mobile and I take it to apartment buildings and offices where a truck mount will not reach. One major advice you must pay attention to is that it does use a lot of power. You must make sure plugs into enough power. If you plug your machine into outlets with 15amps, you will flip the breaker. I plug into the laundry room with one plug and the other plug goes into the kitchen. kitchen I use the fridge outlet or the microwave outlet. Pay attention to the glow on the machine, that is not always the case cause you can still flip the switch if you dont have enough power. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Are you only doing carpet cleaning or do you do janitorial with restaurants and office buildings. Do you own your company and write your own bids? Im having trouble with bids so that is why I ask when it comes to janitorial.

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