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    What to do with the disposable towel after cleaning a toilet?

    I can't believe I'm finally asking this after having this client for two decades, but their system is getting clogged up with our "disposable" roll brown towels and C-folds. Our people have always scrubbed the toilet, then wiped it, then flushed the wipe. I know this is not industry standard. I...
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    Wouldn’t gravity actually help CFM?

    Lol. Yes. I took the long way around but that's exactly what I meant. Thank you
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    Wouldn’t gravity actually help CFM?

    We are looking for a powerful machine. We may have to use long hose runs and go up 30’ at the wand end. I’ve been looking for high lift/high cfm TM’s or portables. So my question is: Am I looking at this the wrong way? It seems CFM actually improve because the wand is elevated above the machine...
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    What's the hottest temp water that you'd send through your portable?

    I know on pressure washers, you cannot use really hot water without damaging the pump. I assume it's the same for a porty. Is hot tap water too hot(120ish degrees)? Thanks
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    What are the best heating options for a portable that doesn't have heat?

    Thanks in advance. We are outfitting one of our vehicles with a portable but we are looking to use it as a sort of truckmount because of a unique account. I don't want to debate if we should be using a portable in this way. Just looking see what our best option is for heating the water if our...
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    If you had 50 to 60k, what setup would you buy? Advice?

    Hi guys. Thanks in advance. I'm sort of new here. We have a Janitorial business and want to branch out into carpet cleaning for our customers instead of contracting it out. We are investing in a setup and have around 50 to 60k. Any advice on a solid van/truckmount setup that could handle up to...
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    Looking at buying a van. Need 250' to 400' of hose to also go 25' up.

    We are looking to purchase a new van setup. We need a long amount hose. Would like to go 250' to 400' ft(if possible) without losing a lot. Also, our customer is adding an two additional levels that are exactly like the first floor. So we'll also need a setup that can go up 25' without losing a...
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    Need advice on how to clean a 2nd & 3rd level of carpet in a giant warehouse.

    Thanks so much for replies. I'm watching Brush Pro's a plastic floor with some metal bolts. We cannot have the liability of rusting, ruining products, or mold. Plus we'd lose a lot of lift with hundreds of feet of hose if we wanded it. We just cannot ruin anything in the building but...
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    Need advice on how to clean a 2nd & 3rd level of carpet in a giant warehouse.

    This warehouse is carpeting a several thousand sq. ft of the 2nd & 3rd levels...They stock product on the first level so I don't want to risk any dripping down or rusting under the new carpet. I have trucks but don't want to use moisture. What should I do? I can probably store machines on each...
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    Best way to clean 500k sq ft without trucks?

    Thx so much for the replies. If we come up with a good solution, they will carpet multiple layers at around 100k sq ft for 2 more levels, equaling a total of 3 levels. I assume we want low moisture? We are hiring a regular carpet cleaning company with multiple vans...& we use portables where...
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    Best way to clean 500k sq ft without trucks?

    Sorry, I should have clarified. It's carpet with it's longest hose needing 250ft.
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    Best way to clean 500k sq ft without trucks?

    We can't afford a van & want to buy the best trailer, truckmount, etc... setup that we can keep inside the building. Any advice?