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    I am having some electrical issues with a performer 405. Any way I can pay you for a phone tech...

    I am having some electrical issues with a performer 405. Any way I can pay you for a phone tech support? It would be well worth a hundred bucks to pick your brain a bit. My number is 530 693 9154 and I can paypal you some money to cover your time.
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    The first rule of SEO club!

    I have had a company that is local copy and paste a great deal of content and they rank better than me in some searches.
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    Thoughts on using this for a recovery tank?

    so first off your spending 300 dollars for a tank that has to be modified. After you modifiy it for carpet cleaning it will now be a 60 gallon usable tank. So spending a couple hundred dollars to modify it and buy parts you will end up spending 500 dollars for a 65 gallon steel tank that wont...
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    Thoughts on this universal heat exchanger

    The way cobbs setup works, according to his literature, is that by running the blower and exhaust through it at the same time it will control the heat to prevent excessive heat. My comments regarding the heat exchanger being like the hydramaster salsa one is reference to the the original one...
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    Thoughts on this universal heat exchanger

    that is a high pressure heat exchanger meant for the hot air leaving the blower. This is the same system that hydramaster uses to create the salsa. On the hydramaster they do not have any heat controls. It will boost the water temp up to 225 if the incoming water to it is high enough. I...
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    Name this truckmount

    its an old machine for a servpro van
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    How about homemade truckmounts?

    Yes I have researched cogged belts and yes they will take the horsepower much better than a v belt. Hydramaster uses a cogged belt on its cds 4.8 overdrive units. My calculations point toward about 65 horsepower is what my belt will be able to take. A little overkill for my small 46 blower.
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    How about homemade truckmounts?

    Well, I built it with a direct drive because it was the simplest thing for me to do at the time. You don't conserve that much fuel by running an engine a few hundred rpm's lower. You will however lower the vibrations and that will extend the life of your machine. If you have ever noticed one...
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    How about homemade truckmounts?

    I built my own machine and have thousands of hours on it. The one thing to consider when building it is KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I used a nissan 210 engine from a junkyard and then had a machine shop build a shaft plate to mount on the flywheel. The 47 blower is direct driven with a...
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    So many people fall for the $6.95 per room bait and switch

    Iv'e had customers try these cheap companies before. It happens to all of us regardless of the high quality service we provide. This one customer that tried a cheap company was loaded also. They have a 300k RV Bus that has wool carpet in it. Can't blame the customer though, how many times...
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    ProChem Peak/RX20 vs. Mytee M5/AirHog booster/ RV360i

    if your theory was correct about the time it takes water to penetrate the carpet then your analysis would be correct. However it is only theory. Have you tested the amount of time it takes water to penetrate carpet? Second your testing was done on one type of carpet with one type of soil...
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    Heaven's Are you kidding me right?

    First of all this cleaning method can cause tip blooming. That is why chemdry went to an rx20 type of cleaning. It is just another company doing things a little diferent. I know tons of little old lady's that wouldn't care if this guy went in and did what he did if the carpets were dry when...
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    ProChem Peak/RX20 vs. Mytee M5/AirHog booster/ RV360i

    Lol, you labeling me "refuse to Learn"....If you only knew how wrong you are. I have owned and used every rotary item you mentioned. Since you are so educated I will ask you this. Why does the 360i clean better than an rx20 if other things are equal (chemicals, dwell, machine, soil load) You...
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    Opinions on favorite (best) HWE carpet cleaning pre-spray solutions?

    You guys really need to try Cobbs stuff. I am a huge fan. For 90% of my jobs I use powermax powder. It has citrus, oxygen, enzymes and an emulsifier, plus it smells great.
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    ProChem Peak/RX20 vs. Mytee M5/AirHog booster/ RV360i

    Where's the beer? I mean if your going to have another un-scientific comparison of cleaning machines you should of at least invited everyone from the board and bbq'd and served some cold ones like the first great un-scientific comparison of different hose setups. Using my process to clean...