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    Browning issue with couch

    Have you utilized any cleaning products? If a cleaning product with too much alkalinity was employed (which is often done by carpet cleaners if a carpet is particularly soiled), or if mineral-rich tap water was used to dab the material, a chemical reaction occurred. Browning occurs when the...
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    Best way to get commercial cleaning accounts?

    When starting a business, the first thing to consider is how big (or small) you want to go. Many cleaners start out as sole traders with a small number of clients and work hard to grow their businesses until they can expand. That doesn't rule out the possibility of starting a larger cleaning...
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    Testing ceramic tile for moisture.

    I work specifically in the restoration field. Tile on concrete is composed to hold off the water and doesn't need to be removed. It would normally need a satisfactory cleaning. That's what my restoration company normally does in these kinds of cases. I have suggested this opinion, just by...
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    Have you ever owned another business? If so list them.

    I'm planning to start a rental storage business.
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    Storage Unit

    Guys, does anyone here have experience in renting storage units? I'm working for an IT firm near Toronto and now I need to go to Dallas for 6 months on a deputation. So I need to store my things safely for that period. That's why I'm asking about it. Is it really expensive to rent a storage...