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    How long did it take you to build your business?

    Figuring out what sets you apart from your competition is going to be number one. In today's age it's convenience and price. How quickly can they see the prices and can they book without talking to a human? Offering online booking is a great start, but ensure there is value once they land there...
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    For those who use online booking

    It's been a couple of months - did you turn it on? How many bookings did you get? What was your overall experience?
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    Invoice template

    That's a pretty popular practice in our software. There is a terms and conditions section or you can add it on your invoice/estimates as a line item
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    COUPON TMF <> Housecall Pro June 2021 Promotion

    I partnered with =AZXaO1nxBMvsrfA3UhhY9WcQvwM9exRLaFPHBWg8TjoT0F87x0EUk3SAZ2prcFrQg2W8y84irDAIElfW_KrRT-7GEgZ6xRnANAuDdONl2obVaAOucLxrn4dfIHBTJ_8JO4GECN9hnRJIqmnJ5k9B1v0n39XU8x06ewJnQbeOPc2ysSdNFLA_PjPV506yyeAA-AY&__tn__=-]K-R']Rob Allen III to giveaway a TMF Exclusive Swivel Wand (a $1600...
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    Housecall Pro <> TMF aren't done Yet

    Housecall Pro and TruckMount Forums have extended this amazing promotion until the END OF THE YEAR. Attend a demo with Housecall Pro and receive a $50 TMF Gift Card. Sign up with Housecall Pro and get the First 3 months 50% off. Book a demo using the link below ↙️
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    TMF <> Housecall Pro Summer Promotion!

    Housecall Pro and Truckmount Forums team up again with a once in a lifetime summer promotion! Attend a demo with Housecall Pro and get a free $50 TMF gift card. It’s as easy as that! And best part...if you sign up for Housecall Pro you get your first 3 months 50% off! Don’t miss this amazing...
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    COUPON Get a FREE $299 TMF Certified Technician Course + FREE $50 Gift Card when you sign up for Housecall Pro at

    Get a FREE $299 TMF Certified Technician Course + FREE $50 TMF Gift Card when you sign up for Housecall Pro (*limited time only) Save time with software that's just easy to use. Instant Time Saving For Your Team: Automate scheduling, dispatching, estimates, and...
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    Housecall Pro - No Class

    Thank you soooo much for the kind words! We're so very happy that you have found success with HCP. Keep up the amazing work. We're here to help and make sure you are on a path to succeeding sooner rather then later!
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    Enter to win Prespray for an entire YEAR + 20 Runner Ups!!

    Housecall Pro teamed up with TMF to provide you all with an entire years worth of PRESPRAY and TMF Academy Courses. Offering up to 20 runner ups (10 in July, 10 in August) with Groutmaster & Biopro 10k too! Just attend a FREE demo with Housecall Pro and get entered to win! Runner ups get...
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    House Call Pro, extremely slow and unresponsive

    We haven't got any complaints about being slow. That being said...during the busiest times of day, the system tends run slower then usual but nothing where the calendar just spins. Some things to try: 1) Kill the app 2) Sign out 3) Update the app 4) delete and re-install the app
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    Housecall Pro

    We give a free 30 day money back guarantee. If it's not a fit you get your money back. We want you succeed either using us or something else
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    Housecall Pro

    That's amazing to hear. Welcome to the family and keep up the great work!